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from ThinkGeek:

Pranksters, we salute you.

Remember the days when you could get weeks of laughs from a whoopie cushion? You never outgrow the joy of pranking, but you do outgrow your pranks. We at ThinkGeek are dedicated to bringing you the best in devious technology designed to bug the crap out of the people you love the most.

April Fool’s Day is just around the corner — are you prepared to unravel lesser minds?

Roll for Sanity!
Maybe the Elder Gods aren’t visiting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t chip away at your coworkers’ sanity. Hide an Annoy-a-tron in their space — we recommend above drop ceilings! — and watch them twitch and squirm. For a limited time, get your own insanity device for only $4.99.

$10 off $50+ Orders — Stock up for your nefarious plans
Looking to add a few new pranks to your arsenal? We’re all about supporting your evil deeds and tricksy plans. Use code TRICKSY for $10 off orders of $50 or more, good through 3/25/11 at 11:59 pm EST.

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