ThinkGeek turns 12! [insert cake is a lie joke here]

from ThinkGeek:

We feel old.

Old like we existed before The Sims kicked gnomes, before Survivor aired, before the PS2 was released — even before Trogdor burninated the countryside.

And we have you to blame. Your support of Timmy’s world domination plan makes our 12th anniversary on Saturday, August 13th possible, and we’d like to thank you with hugs! Or is that too forward? How about a free, limited edition anniversary t-shirt, back to school goodies, and a <3? Consider it done.

ThinkGeek’s Free 12th Anniversary T-Shirt of Win
You + Us = Happy Anniversary
The 1st anniversary gift is paper. Guess what the 12th anniversary is? T-shirts.* We got you one to celebrate, free with $20 purchase. Get yours while supplies last. (*It’s actually silk, but we decided against Mecha Timmy lingerie. Maybe next year.)

Back to School
Work hard, geek hard
Whether you’re outfitting a dorm room (posters, check), thinking about what to pack in your little one’s lunches (sporks, got those too), or prepping for an eventful first day back in class (Annoy-a-trons, glad we’re not your teacher), we have it all in our Back to School section. Knock ’em dead this year!

The ThinkGeek Story – 12 years later…
ThinkGeek got started way back on Friday, August 13, 1999 to support the geeks at the front line of the internet revolution with fun, techie things and awesome customer service. Everything was going fine until a month after launch when we were slashdotted. Our server — named Gandalf and running on a PII 450 with 128 megs of SDRAM — was crippled by thousands of simultaneous visits. 12 years later, we’re better equipped. And our servers are now named after game show hosts, in case you were wondering about poor Gandalf.

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