ThinkGeek’s New Sustainable Light Source: FAIRIES!

from ThinkGeek:

Another year older and wiser…

After the annual partying, flinging of the free t-shirts, and deletion of incriminating evidence from our smart phones, our 12th birthday rites are finally complete. And now that we’re a year older, we promise to crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentation of their mascots.

Oh, and to see Conan the Barbarian on Friday, for old times’ sake.

Fairy Berries
Magical lighting for your outdoor gatherings. We’ve stolen these Fairy Berries from the woods where we narrowly escaped being lured into Fairyland, never to be seen again. Each berry is about 3/4″ in diameter and contains a tiny white LED that will glow and fade randomly, producing a magical light effect. Toss ’em across your lawn for a twinkly landscape, string them up and hang them on trees, or float them in your pool or pond. Make some magic in your yard tonight!

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