Blizzcon 2011 and “Dragon Age: Redemption” Episode 2

from The Guild:

It’s that time of year – Blizzcon is here! Once again The Guild is pleased to be invited by the fine folks at Blizzard Entertainment to the annual two day gaming festival that sees gamers from around the world convene in Anaheim. This year is especially exciting because The Guild’s season 5 was written by Felicia as an homage to convention-going and gaming conventions. So the cast is especially excited to meet up with fans and hear how the fictional Megagame-O-Ramacon measured up to real life.

There will be no Guild panel this year, however we will have a booth with several signings scheduled (stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook for schedule announcements). Cast members Vincent Caso, Felicia Day, Amy Okuda and Robin Thorsen will be in attendance. The cast will also be special guests at the Curse party Friday night (October 21, 2011) at the Hilton.

In other news, the second episode of Felicia’s newest web series, Dragon Age: Redemption is now live on the web via Machinima (catch the first episode here if you haven’t already):

Season 5 of The Guild has concluded, and we thank you, our loyal fans for the continued support. Did you have a favorite line or moment from this season? If so, please leave a comment – we do read them!


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