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After many months of anticipation, Jennifer Thym‘s Lumina premiered with back-to-back episodes! Was it worth the wait? I have to say a resounding YES!

The story is intriguing, the music is compelling, and the imagery is beautiful. I kept finding myself staring at all the reflective surfaces and at the color and the texture of beautiful Hong Kong. I’ve re-watched a few times now, and each time I noticed something new. Obviously, an incredible amount of thought went into the cinematography, and the RED camera has proved once again just how amazing it is.

LUMINA Webisode 1: Single Women introduces us to Lumina, a woman who lives alone, has an antagonistic relationship with her mother, and works late rather than go home to her empty apartment. Her life is suddenly changed one night when she meets a stranger in her mirror. Ryder lives on the other side of the glass and can see her through any reflective surface. As she gets to know Ryder, she is drawn from her usual monotony into exploring the reflective surfaces of the city around her.

The song “Make Me Real” by Sense of Akasha closes out the first episode and leaves you with a sense of hope and foreboding.

In LUMINA Webisode 2: Wake Up Call we see that Lumina has favor with her boss, but not some of her coworkers. While trouble brews at work, and another mysterious stranger becomes entangled in her life, her deepening relationship with Ryder starts her down an uncertain path.

“Grey” by LGF closes out the second episode with high-octane intensity and a sense of danger.

New episodes of Lumina will premiere every Tuesday, and Jennifer Thym promises lots of fun stuff in between!

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  1. Victoria’s avatar

    Love, love, love it! MOAAAAAAAR.

  2. Raven Kai’s avatar

    It is really fab isn’t it?! 😀


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