Sans Sanctuary: Emilie Ullerup Fills Us in on Leaving Sanctuary and Arriving in Smallville

Emilie Ullerup, best known for her roles on jPod and Sanctuary, guest stars on this week's Smallville episode, "Crossfire"

Emilie Ullerup, best known for her roles on jPod and Sanctuary, guest stars on this week's Smallville episode, "Crossfire"

While Emilie Ullerup has won a Leo Award for Best Actress in the acclaimed show jPod, she is probably best known for the role of Ashley Magnus on Syfy’s Sanctuary. Having already guest-starred in such sci-fi and fantasy shows as Battlestar Galactica, Blood Ties and the film Paradox, she’s about to dive into another with a guest spot on this week’s Smallville. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, either.

With recent events on this season of Sanctuary, Emilie has gotten a lot of attention over the past few weeks. searches have gone up over 95% and a Google search of the past three weeks of posts regarding Emilie turned up almost 32,000 hits! With growing interest like that, a lot of Emilie fans may be tuning in to Smallville for the first time this week.

If you haven’t watched the first three episodes of Sanctuary this season and have avoided spoilers as of yet, don’t read any further until you’ve gone to and watched those episodes.

ÜberSciFiGeek (ÜSFG) I know you had surgery this summer. I’m sorry to hear you had complications! How are you recovering?

Emilie Ullerup (EU) Yeah… thank you. It was quite the process. Basically, it was a tumor that had grown out of my sacrum, wrapped itself around a couple of spinal nerves, and was causing me some grief. So, the only way to get rid of it was to surgically remove it, leaving large margins to make sure it wouldn’t spread. They took my tailbone, the nerves that were involved and (I think) some of my sacrum.

(ÜSFG) Ouch.

(EU) Ouch is right. Cool scar though! It’s easy to say that now that I’m on the other side of it. It was a life changing experience, wouldn’t do it again, but also wouldn’t take it back. I haven’t actually given the official statement until now! I know people have been wondering, so it’s time I let them know.

(ÜSFG) Yes, they have been wondering why you’ve been so quiet about it. I realize part of that would have to be because some of that time period overlapped with the Sanctuary shooting schedule and you can’t give away too many spoilers for the season. Are you expecting a full recovery? Will it affect your ability to do most of your own stunts in future projects?

(EU) It shouldn’t affect anything. It’s just a reaaalllyyy slow recovery. I’m not good at being patient but I’ve been forced to be in this case. I definitely count on being able to kick ass again some time in the future!

(ÜSFG) Good to hear!

(EU) Thanks and also thank you to everyone who has been thinking of me.

(ÜSFG) It did give you lots of time to spend with family though, right?

(EU) My mom came to Vancouver a couple of times throughout. Because there were a few unexpected bumps along the way, she felt best being here at times. It was scary and when it gets scary, the best one to have along with you is your mom… so we spent lots of time together in the hospital, talking, talking and talking.

(ÜSFG) Moms do have a knack with providing comfort in scary times.

(EU) They do indeed.

(ÜSFG) Are you pretty close to back to normal now or will it take a few more months?

(EU) I can do almost everything. I wasn’t allowed to sit for about four months, so that is still new to me. I can’t drive yet because of that but I’m going to the gym, core strengthening, trying to get back in shape, but at least I can be on my own now. I can do all the daily things. It’s crazy how much you can all of a sudden appreciate being able to put your own socks on!

(ÜSFG) When we spoke back in February about Season 2, you said you hoped the Sanctuary team would give you “some juicy, juicy stuff for us all to sink our teeth into” and “I would love some sort of head to head conflict with mom.” It seems you got what you wished for but not exactly in the way you were expecting. After being turned into a super-mutant vampire warrior and sent to destroy her mother and the rest of the Sanctuary network, Ashley apparently dies at the end of Episode 2 after being disintegrated by an electromagnetic field.

(EU) Yeaaaah… not exactly what I was expecting, you’re right.

(ÜSFG) Did your surgery have any effect on that or was this something they had already scripted before you found out about it?

(EU) No, my surgery had nothing to do with this. Killing off Ashley was a network decision made before I knew I had to have surgery but I have faith that there are no real deaths in sci-fi… There will be storylines in the future where I’m sure Ashley could be worked in…

(ÜSFG) What was your reaction to the death of Ashley when you first found out about it?

(EU) I was of course sad. I’ve had a blast on the show and I felt Ashley had so much story to explore still.

(ÜSFG) Yes, she did. And with the turning evil bit, there was so much to explore with her and through her interactions with her friends and family.

(EU) At the same time though, I am excited for what lays ahead. I am excited to get into new projects and hopefully remain busy with lots of colorful characters to explore.

(ÜSFG) I’m looking forward to it, too. I’m certain you have big things in store!

(EU) I believe that there is a reason for me to be out in the world of unemployed actors again and I can’t wait to see what happens next in my career.

(ÜSFG) Was it hard to keep the secret after reading the script?

(EU) At times it was hard. Being at Haven 1 was hard.

(ÜSFG) Oh? Lots of fan questions, I imagine.

(EU) Yeah… They were good though. They knew I couldn’t reveal too much.

(ÜSFG) You didn’t have a lot of dialog in your final three episodes so most of your acting was non-verbal. The final look Ashley gave Magnus broke a lot of fans’ hearts. What was the feel on set while filming that emotional final scene with Amanda Tapping?

(EU) Tough day for sure. Amanda and I were both really feeling the heaviness of the situation; gave way to some true organic moments. There were a few of the tough guys who had to clear their throats here and there. It was really sweet.

(ÜSFG) There’s been a lot of anguish over that final scene. That final glance, you looked 100% sincere.

(EU) Yeah, that was all real and the final scene of Eulogy was almost impossible to do. It was the final scene for me, and throughout rehearsals I was in tears. The director had to remind me that I couldn’t be in tears, that Ashley was supposed to be at peace, so I really had to pull myself together. Ryan, Robin, Chris and Amanda were all there, all so sad, and I was like “REALLY?!? I have to pull it together as the only one?!?!” There was so much love though… it felt really nice.

(ÜSFG) It’s good to know everyone was there for you though, feeling the pain of losing you to a network decision. I know you said you’ve seen some of the comments from fans over killing Ashley. Many fans, especially those who’ve been watching since the web series days, are saying they are done with the show and don’t plan to watch anymore unless she is brought back. Were you expecting this kind of backlash from fans and how do you feel about it, knowing that you’ve got such a strong, supportive fan-base? I imagine it’s a mixed feeling, appreciating the support but wanting something you put so much of yourself into to continue to thrive even without you.

(EU) I have been completely overwhelmed with the outpouring of support. I am so grateful to have so many people that care so much! And hopefully that will mean that there will be a place for Ashley in the future.

(ÜSFG) You’ve been so genuine and available to fans and that makes a huge difference in the sci-fi community.

(EU) Well, they’re all so genuine and available to me, so really, it’s a two-way street. Aw shucks… so much love everywhere…

(ÜSFG) Whether or not you return to Sanctuary, I’m certain it will continue to have a lasting influence on you as an actor and on your career. What do you think is the most important thing you have learned while working on Sanctuary?

(EU) I will be eternally grateful to Sanctuary. Were it not for Sanctuary, I would not have this huge fan-base who (I hope) will continue to follow me as I venture into new projects.

(ÜSFG) I’m sure they will!

(EU) I think the most important thing I have learned is to never take anything for granted. Things can change in a heartbeat… and also to try to not take things too personally.

(ÜSFG) Difficult but good lessons to learn.

(EU) Invaluable in this business I think.

(ÜSFG) Well, you’ve proven to be a tough cookie so I’m sure you are going to do just fine, whatever comes your way. Many fans are hoping this is a marketing ploy to stir up the fans and drive stronger interest in the show. With the body absent, it does leave lots of room for Ashley’s return at some point in the future. A lot of fans want to know what you will do until we all know if Ashley really is dead or just being manipulated by Dana and the Cabal. There are tons of independent film projects in Vancouver as well as a dozen TV shows. Have you had any auditions lately?

(EU) Oh yes, I have been very busy lately. There are still projects that I am not able to do physically, but I try to get out for as much as possible. I have been incredibly close on almost everything, which feels great. And I did an episode of Smallville but I also have to remember to heal first, work later; so, one day at a time.

(ÜSFG) You’re playing Catherine “Cat” Grant in the episode “Crossfire” which airs tomorrow night on the CW. There are a couple of leaked shots of the episode and I have to say, you are looking great! That dress suit is quite a departure from the dark outfits Ashley wore on Sanctuary or the casual wardrobe Kaitlyn wore on jPod.

(EU) Ha, yeah it sure is.

(ÜSFG) Did you like getting to play a sunny, feminine role again?

(EU) I had a lot of fun with Catherine Grant. I got to be light and bright and bumbling and a bit dorky. Bumbling and dorky are two of my own strong traits. It would be a great character to further explore but I had a blast with what I was given on the one episode.

(ÜSFG) Did you do any research into Catherine’s TV and comic book history before shooting the role?

(EU) Yeah, but they went in a bit of a different direction with the TV version.

(ÜSFG) If Smallville follows previous storylines in the Superman mythology, Catherine could very well become the third corner of a Lois/Clark/Cat love triangle. Did you and Tom (Welling) have the kind of on-screen chemistry that you think could lead to Cat Grant becoming a recurring role for you?

(EU) I guess we’ll see tomorrow! I had a blast shooting with Tom. He’s so relaxed and fun, and I know Erica (Durance) because Kyle (Cassie) worked with her earlier this year… so it would be a blast getting to muck things up for the two of them.

(ÜSFG) I think adding Cat to the mix would certainly be a great monkey-wrench in the Clark/Lois relationship that is developing this season. Hopefully the producers feel the same and invite you back a few times.

(EU) Yeah! Let’s hope!

(ÜSFG) You did a cameo in Steph Song‘s upcoming film, Paradox. Do you have any plans or have there been any talks of projects with other Podsters in the future?

(EU) Wouldn’t that be absolutely amazing?!! I think we would all LOVE to work together again. Hopefully it’ll be in the cards at some point. We are all still such close friends. It’s wonderful. That was just the dream cast, for me anyway.

(ÜSFG) I think it was for all of you. As a fan of the show, it’s great to know your onscreen chemistry extended to real life.

(EU) Yeah, we just had FUN on that set. It was nonstop silliness. And it extended well beyond the cast as well. Kyle and I are headed to J.B. Sugar‘s Halloween party tomorrow actually. We all try to see each other as often as possible. Steph just drove me to an audition earlier this week. It’s really wonderful!

(ÜSFG) That was sweet of her. She is pretty awesome.

(EU) Yup!

(ÜSFG) I personally find it an interesting coincidence that Steph’s episode and your episode of Smallville are airing back to back. 🙂

(EU) Ha! Yeah, we laughed at that too. We are continuously intertwined, her and I…

(ÜSFG) I talked to her last week and had such a blast. I can just imagine the two of you hanging out and what fun it is.

(EU) We get pretty silly. And we can lean on each other for career advice which is just invaluable.

(ÜSFG) Hopefully you’ll get to work together again in the future. 🙂 Would you consider doing another web series?

(EU) I would most certainly be interested in another web series. I have full faith in what that can do after my Sanctuary experience.

(ÜSFG) You mentioned doing a music video with Caleb’s Hope. Do you have any musical talents and aspirations for fans to look forward to? You mentioned wanting to work in New York. Is Broadway in your possible future?

(EU) Oooh… eh hehe… I can actually sing. I am shy though.

(ÜSFG) Awesome!

(EU) It’s not something I’ve worked a lot on, and therefore don’t feel super confident, but the dream is there, for sure. A musical would be a blast, like what Glee is doing right now — SO great!

(ÜSFG) Very cool! So what is your vocal range?

(EU) This is getting technical now.

(ÜSFG) Lol. Um, okay, what singers do you find it easier to sing along with or what musicals and parts do you like best and feel more comfortable belting out?

(EU) When I was driving, I would sing along to Adele. Now Kyle has to drive me everywhere, so I’ve toned down the belting. Chris (Heyerdahl) and I sang along to “Summer Nights” from Grease at the convention (Wolf Haven One), that was quite a sight…

(ÜSFG) Oh, I would have loved to have heard that.

(EU) Hehe… I bet you would…

(ÜSFG) I’m listening to Adele’s To Make You Feel My Love at the moment. How does your voice compare? Do you have that Joplin sound or just more comfortable hitting those notes?

(EU) I’m comfortable in the midrange and can relatively easily go into my falsetto… but I’m sure I’d need some fine tuning. My mom is big on music, so we always played and sang together, weddings and such…

(ÜSFG) You mentioned last night that the theatre scene isn’t that big in Vancouver but have you been to any shows?

(EU) I’ve been to a couple. It’s hit and miss here…

(ÜSFG) Do you have any favorite musicals?

(EU) Yes, Evita is one of my favorites!

(ÜSFG) Awesome. I have been known to belt out “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” more than once. 😀

(EU) Me too!

(ÜSFG) You really have tons of freedom at the moment so it must be just as scary as it is exciting for you. Are you planning on sticking around Vancouver for a while longer or are you looking at making a move or spending the summer in some place like LA or New York?

(EU) I’m actually planning to do this LA thing in the New Year. It’s time to try and swim in the big pond. I feel like I’ve got enough under my belt to make it worthwhile.

(ÜSFG) You definitely have accomplished a lot in a fairly short amount of time. And you’ve covered quite a spectrum of characters in that time.

(EU) Yeah, I’ve been so lucky. There’s still so much more to learn, but at some point you have to take the leap, right?

(ÜSFG) Yes, you do. Hmm. Steph said she was going to LA this summer, too. Are you going on that adventure together?

(EU) We might very well be down there at the same time and so might Ben (Ayres); David (Copp) is already there and I think actually Torrance (Coombs) is going too! How great is THAT?!

(ÜSFG) That is awesome! Maybe you can do a cheesy horror together? I know Torrance just worked with Kody Zimmermann on the Familiar so maybe some indie project like that awaits you all.

(EU) I’m in!

(ÜSFG) You know, Steph has the production side of things (because of Island Films) and you all have such great chemistry. Ever thought of doing an indie project together, as in you all write it and produce it together? Look at films like The Brothers McMullen and Paranormal Activity. Friends got together and produced something they loved for about $10,000-$15,000 and made more then $10,000,000 at the box office.

(EU) We all have dreams of getting our own stuff made. Kyle and I have several projects that we are working on. The dream is to get to work with your friends. So when we can fit characters in that work for people we want to work with, we try to make that happen. Right now though, Kyle and I are all about developing. We’d like to sit on a bunch of creative property so that when the right connections are made, we have several different genres to lure people in with… That sounds evil… it wasn’t meant to.

(ÜSFG) No, it doesn’t sound evil. It sounds like a smart business plan. When you do get that break and produce some amazing content, you want to make sure you have another ace up your sleeve for the follow-up.

(EU) Precisely… It’s exciting to be on this side, too; to feel like you’ve got some say in your career. When the phone goes silent, it’s all about making it happen for yourself.

(ÜSFG) Yes, exactly. That’s why so many talented people are taking advantage of the Internet to directly produce their own projects, cutting out the middleman and taking control of their lives and careers.

(EU) I think that extends so much further than our profession. We have to take responsibility for our own destinies.

(ÜSFG) Yes, we do. Is there anything else you want to say to fans?

(EU) I actually have a question for the fans.

(ÜSFG) Oh?

(EU) If Ashley ever came back to the show, how could it be done in a manner where viewers aren’t like, “Oh, what a boring way to bring her back”? How to not make it “cheap”, and in what capacity would they want to see her back?

(ÜSFG) Oooh. Good question. I’ll make sure to plaster that all over the message boards, if that’s okay with you?

(EU) Yeah…

(ÜSFG) Well, I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me and for being so candid. Thank you!

(EU) You’re welcome! Always a pleasure.

In science fiction, even when there’s a body, dead isn’t always dead. A perfect example would be Daniel Jackson of Stargate SG-1 who died and came back several times throughout the show and Carson Beckett of Stargate Atlantis who was brought back in the form of a clone after much backlash and an unyielding fan campaign finally overwhelmed the producer’s decision. On Battlestar Galactica, actress Katee Sackhoff and the producers of the show staged a huge blowup over the death of her character Starbuck that even the other actors of the show weren’t aware of. As part of a super-secret plot and marketing strategy, she and the producers had a very public falling out that turned out to be a ruse and Starbuck came back in a season finale surprise that completely steered the direction of the remainder of the show. Sometimes, though, favorite characters are killed off permanently, as was the case with Stargate SG-1‘s Dr. Janet Frasier.

While her future seems grim, there is some cause for hope. In a promo for interactive fan experience, Sanctuary and Beyond, we see Will Zimmerman speaking with a mystery woman in the infirmary. She asks, “Will my blood be of any use to Dr. Magnus’ daughter? Will she be able to save her?” Zimmerman replies “I don’t know” before getting interrupted by our eavesdropping.

Season 2 is already filmed and in post-production so we fans will just have to wait out the season to find out if Ashley is Daniel-Dead or Janet-Dead. In the meantime, get your Emilie Ullerup fix by watching her tomorrow night on Smallville and by picking up the DVD of the wonderful series jPod. Paradox is still in post-production but should be out sometime in 2010 so don’t forget to keep watching for that as well.

Thanks to Emilie for taking the time to speak with us today and a special thank-you to 2Shy, ljscott, PlayItGrand, WR_Systems, Missreepicheep, Aaron and Victoria for sending in questions for her.

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  1. Victoria’s avatar

    I totally adore Emilie. She’s so optimistic and positive, it’s not hard to see why fans love her! Thanks for the wonderful interview! :]

  2. Raven Kai’s avatar

    She is like a ray of sunshine, isn’t she? I am really looking forward to her future projects.

  3. Manuel’s avatar

    @Raven Kai: Yes she is 🙂

    Great interview!

  4. WormholeRiders (WR_Systems)’s avatar

    Hi RK!,

    Superb interview with Ms. Ulerup. Very nice job with your blog too!

    Thank you for including fan input in the interview.

    Best Regards,


  5. Raven Kai’s avatar

    Thank you Manuel and WR_Systems! I’m glad you loved the interview. It’s easy to do a great interview when she’s such a joy to speak to.

  6. Rahchell’s avatar

    In response to Emilie’s question for the fans, there is a pretty good forum (The fate of Ashley Magnus *SPOILERS*) on the Sanctuary website at the moment with detailed posts regarding Ashley Magnus and the possibility of her return to the series.

    On the first of two pages, Trindajae does a fanastic job exploring the complications that could and perhaps should arise, if and when Ashley returns. To quote Trindajae (as this completely backs my point of view):

    “One of my worries with negating a death, any death, in sci-fi is that the pain of being reunited is often ignored…”

    “Done right, I think it could be fantastic. But getting Ashley back will need to hurt (for her and the characters) as much as losing her, even if in a different way.”

    (Sourced from:

    Regardless as to how she comes back, I think this will be the key, so as to ensure that it doesn’t come across “cheap”, but instead realistic. It can’t just be a smooth transition back to the way things were. Hopefully that makes sense.
    Futhermore, I think if Ashley is to return it should be similar (in capacity) to the first season. I would love to have the character back in any respect, but I think there may be dangers (at least in terms of the fan community and their response) in only bringing her back for certain episodes (in an on/off sort of nature).

    Best of luck with your future ambitions Emilie, and thank you for all you’ve given us in the character of Ashely (thus far). I personally look forward to seeing you in future projects!! Also, many thanks to you Manuel for a great interview.

  7. Tri’s avatar

    Love Emilie. Not so much Ashley, though she’s not my least favourite character. I am happy with that development in the Sanctuary story, because it’s great to have a show that does not double back on its death scenes like Stargate (and in several cases, Battlestar Galactica) did. There’s real character development involved for both Helen and John, as well as several of the other characters.

    So: not everybody hates this, and I know as a fact that I am not alone in the way I feel about it. (I was quite pleasantly surprised by that last part.) But I hope to see Emilie in other projects she enjoys soon…

  8. Raven Kai’s avatar

    Lots of great discussion! Thanks for the responses. Keep ’em coming!

  9. Anon’s avatar

    In answer to Emilie’s final question: The Ashley that “died” was actually a clone of the real Ashley who is being held captive in a stasis chamber at some secret Cabal base… lets hope the Network comes to their senses soon and brings Emilie/Ashley back to the Sanctuary.

  10. holly’s avatar

    Who can we write to make sure Emilie is returned to Sanctuary??

  11. Aislinn’s avatar

    If I may make a suggestion – consider sending snail mail. Email is often discounted, or even ignored, because it’s believed to be ridiculously easy for a small number of people to send a vast number of emails. Snail mail takes more effort and is therefore thought to be ‘more important’ and makes a bigger impact.

    SyFy’s parent company is NBC Universal:

    NEW YORK, NY 10112-0015
    (212) 664-4444

    (Advertising / Media Sales appears to be on the 11th Floor West (that would fit into the address between the second and third lines) if anyone wants to so direct the mail. The president of SyFy is one David Howe if anyone wants to so direct the mail.)

    There’s also this:

    NBC Universal Inc
    437 Madison Ave Fl 14
    New York, NY 10022
    (212) 887-5960

    One of Sanctuary’s primary financial backers is the Beedie Group:

    3030 Gilmore Diversion
    Burnaby, British Columbia
    V5G 3B4
    Phone: 604-435-3321
    Fax: 604-432-7349

    E-mail Contacts:
    General E-Mail and Keith & Betty Beedie Foundation

    (Ryan Beedie appears to be the current head of the Beedie Group, if anyone wants to so direct the mail.)

  12. Raven Kai’s avatar

    Great suggestion, Aislinn! Thanks for posting this info!!!

  13. lediane’s avatar

    parabens loved the interview, Emilie and a love that I see it will soon be in Sanctuary or elsewhere.
    in response to a question she did Ashley might have been if Teletrasporto in a distant place without memory and put an injured and one of the trips DR magnus she would find her daughter

  14. Robin’s avatar

    This is so disapointing, I have just caught back up on hulu, and could not believe they killed off Ashley. WTF. What is wrong with people now, killing off main characters, especially main characters that are interesting – for “dramatic effect” come ON. I have ZERO interest in this new girl they brought in, rather the character. I’d rather see the other girl they killed off. I liked the dynamic of the mother, father and daughter scenario. why RUIN a good thing?Glad to see she is doing well, and will check her out on Smallville for sure.

  15. Raven Kai’s avatar

    This keeps getting mentioned so I figured I’d post it here, the Ratings for the first 5 episodes.

    10/9 –1.85 million viewers
    10/16– 1.766 <= Ashley suspected death 10/23 --1.694 <= Ashley confirmed death 10/30 --1.606 11/6 -- 1.420

  16. MDobbs’s avatar

    Count me as one more person no longer watching Sanctuary until Ashley returns as a full time character. The Kate character is obnoxious, offensive, and doesn’t fit in with the rest of the cast. A very bad cast change, SyFy.

  17. Danaelle’s avatar

    thanks for this, and the discussion. I have tried to watch a few more shows of sanctuary on hulu…I lost interest a bit and they kept piling up on my queue… I just cant do it. Ashley was an integral part of that show and enough of the dynamics has been lost that I just cant get my head around it. Its more than Ashley being hot or “kick ass”…the people who talk about the mother/ daughter have the right of it, plus, you keep looking for Ashley and Will to get something going, I dunno, she just IS a lot of the show…for me anyways…I may try to watch out the rest of the season but will prolly just wait to see if they make this right in season 3.

    As for Emilie’s question:

    I dont care HOW they bring you back, I am sure that if they decide to do so it will be awesome…I just want you back on the show and at full capacity, not just someone who shows up now and then, I want to hear one of your smartass comments on every episode! Thanks!

  18. Raven Kai’s avatar

    Thanks for commenting! I understand your dilemma, Danaelle. I am still watching but sometimes get a couple of weeks behind. It’s just not a priority any more because it doesn’t have the same draw. I don’t hate Kate the way some people do, she’s even got an interesting story in last week’s episode, but the show in general doesn’t have the same feel without Ashley in it. I hope they bring her back, too. But in the mean time, make sure you watch out for Emilie on Riese the Series. She shot her scenes for Chapter 2 this past week. They should be premiering in a few months.

  19. Roman Ross’s avatar

    Nice interview. Sad to see her kick ass character killed off. By the way, Dr. Janet (Stargate) did come back in some alternate world episodes, so dead isn’t always dead. This is the first I had heard about her illness or her character actually being killed off for good. I hope they do work her back in, I was just getting used to the blonde bombshell with double guns going out in the abnormal world and kicking butt.

  20. Bill’s avatar

    Here’s an idea. Let’s let the network genius(es) who decided to “kill off” the character of Ashley find a new intriguing way to bring her back and if they cannot, then let them be “killed off” (i.e., fired) and join the ranks of the unemployed. Everyone should be held responsible for their decisions.


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