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Nandy? Seriously!
The Nandy Duke, discovered on Venus in 1919 by discredited biologist Sir Hubert Remington Nandy is famed for its vivid pink skin pigment and delicately subtle patterning. 50 numbered specimens now available to purchase on a first come, first served basis. The Nandy Duke will take pride of place on the wall next to your Blue Sacked Pillock. And don’t forget to leave room for more fantastical creepy-crawlies from Venus and its inhospitable environs. Order yours here!

Aliens make Ray Weaponry!!
The May installment of Dr. Grordbort’s Raygun Shootout has started with a revelation. Aliens designing state-of-the-art ray weaponry! Who knew?! Voting is already underway — if you haven’t entered your design — do so immediately! Don’t forget, you will be in the run to win a trip to New Zealand and a chance to meet Richard Taylor and Greg Broadmore at Weta Workshop. And on the way there, you can win spot prizes and monthly prizes! Even if you are quite happy to render artwork in the traditional two dimensions, you can always vote for the creations of your betters! Hazzaah!

Dr. Grordbort’s word of the day: Concealment
Whether it be on a strip of rocky shore in Sussex or mountain mud pool on Venus, the summer season makes concealment a top-of-mind concern. Anyone who’s tried propping an Unnatural Selector (or even a relatively minute Goliathon 83) in their bathing britches will appreciate the need for lighter and smaller sidearms when the jacket comes off, the cravat is loosened and the trousers rolled up for leisurely sun-smitten frolics. You may recall, we have just such a contraption available to the discerning seaside sophisticate — the nicely rounded and thoroughly femalised Victorious Mongoose Concealable Ray Pistol. It’s all in the name, really, a tiny, easily hidden firearm with a nasty bite. Quite aside from that — it’s also an absolutely beautiful piece of hardware in a protective case of embossed leather and silk lining. Comes highly recommended by stout sportsmen and scantily clad minxes across the solar system. Get yours promptly!

No more rayguns strewn across the coffee table!
We are about to receive in our many warehouses the first shipment of Dr. Grordbort’s Universal Gun Stand! This long-awaited accessoire will allow you to line up any of Dr. Grordbort’s full size handguns, including the light-weight Righteous Bison, the shiny Pearce 75, the hefty Goliathon 83, the sleek F.M.O.M., the snub-nosed ManMelter 3600zx and the ickle Victorious Mongoose with little effort and a minimum of space required. It is arguably a purchase decision for which no brain power is actually required… So send your wife or manservant to get one now!

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