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From WatchTheGuild:


Five years ago today – on July 27, 2007 – the very first episode of The Guild was uploaded to YouTube.  It’s hard to believe how far the show has come, and as always, on behalf of the show we want to thank the fans for the incredible support which has made the show the success it is today.  Today the show is widely available on many platforms for free (YouTubeXboxMSN/BingHuluBlipZune) and for purchase/with subscription (NetflixiTunesAmazon DVD or VOD).

All next week we’ll be celebrating the past five years – and looking ahead to more with the recently announced sixth season, which will come to Geek and Sundry (subscribe now) this fall .  Connect with us via social media as we have some some cool stuff planned including giveaways (LOOT!).  Check out the post on Geek and Sundry for details on the giveaways, which start at 1pm today!

Here’s THE GUILD’S TwitterFacebookGoogle+, and Tumblr, and here’s GEEK AND SUNDRY’S TwitterFacebookGoogle+, and Tumblr.  And please join us for more discussion on Geek and Sundry’s new discussion forums.

We asked the producers and cast to give us their thoughts on those early episodes, and the growth of the show over the last five years.

What do you remember about the first episode?

FELICIA DAY: I remember emailing 12 hours a day to blogs I read about gaming and geek stuff, introducing myself as an “actress from Buffy” and please spread word about my show.  Most of them ignored me, but a few picked it up. Some of the first fans we had were Veronica Belmont and Alice Taylor withWonderland blog. Without their spreading word of the show we wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much traction as fast with the online community.   But I remember refreshing the video and seeing people actually comment about our work, and realizing that THAT was what I wanted to do with me life, make things for people to react to immediately.  It was a whole new life when we uploaded that episode.

VINCENT CASO: When that first episode went up, I didn’t think a whole lot of it. I mean, it was cool, and a lot of fun to see myself in this production, but who had any idea it would turn into this?

AMY OKUDA: The Guild was my first acting job, and my first day of shooting was me and the webcam so I was talking and acting to a blank computer screen and I remember thinking, “wow this is a lot harder and less fun than I thought” but the day we all shot together for the first time at Cheesybeards changed everything for me. It was the “aahhh, this is what acting is, it IS fun” moment for me.

ROBIN THORSEN:  I have to be honest and say that when I auditioned for The Guild, I really had never heard of World of Warcraft…during my audition I actually said something like “AKFing,” like it was a real word instead of A-F-K-ing.  I remember  Felicia said  after I finished, “That was good!  Let’s try it again and it’s A-F-King” I was like oooooooh! Now, I think that after five seasons I have become a little more seasoned with all the game lingo.


There’s lots more where that came from so go check out The Guild’s website to read the rest of the interview and check out some great photos.

From The Nerdist:

It’s just like FUBU, but for nerds…so FUNBUN. Yeah, FUNBUN.

No one likes doing shameless plugs; that’s how infomercials and US Weeklyare born. Fortunately for us, there’s no shame in telling you that we are a proud part of Nerdist Industries, a fine flock of folks who have you covered on everything from funny to film to fashion and beyond. Without them our newsletter wouldn’t be possible, so we’d like to help repay the favor by urging you to check out the brand spankin’ new Nerdist Channel on YouTube, especially since a zombified Chris Hardwick is here to introduce it to you.

You may be wondering, “what can the Nerdist Channel offer me, a discerning aficionado of anime, manga and Asian pop culture?” Well, the Nerdist Channel has the antidote for your anime ails, the nerdy nostrum for your manga maladies and the pop cultural Japan-icillin for, well, you get the picture. Consider it the first step in otak-u-pational therapy. One of our partners, Yoshimoto Kogyo (the producers behind Epic Meal Time Japan) will be bringing their aptly-titled Weird S#!t from Japan to the channel, a pop cultural smorgasbord of the weirdest, wildest things that Japan has to offer.

There’s plenty of other premium content on the horizon too, all of which should make The Nerdist Channel your one-stop shop for videographic nerdly delights. From a Neil Patrick Harris project with puppets and the Awkward Family Show to a mysterious Rob Zombie project and the lightsaber-filled relay race Course of the Force, these are just hors d’oeuvres in the quest to sate your nerdy appetite. They’ve got our official seal of approval so, go ahead, subscribe to The Nerdist Channel – you know you want to.

From Clockwork Couture:

We have started to shoot our Spring Offerings and couldn’t be more excited that Felicia Day ( ) modeled for us.The actress has an astounding resume that has included Buffy, Eureka, Dr. Horrible, The Guild ( ) and now her new highly anticipated project, Geek and Sundry ( ), is just as lovely in steampunk as she is
in armor.

As if that wasn’t enough star- filled fun for our little Clockshoppe,The League of S.T.E.A.M. ( ) used our store for the villian’s lair in their newest episode, “Prehistoric Peril.” Tune in to see why Djinn, the shoppe cat was all too excited to assist
with filming.

Our crew has also changed a bit and we have recently welcomed a new full-time milliner and customer service gal to our store while our customer service superstar, Sarah, explores other career paths. She’ll
still be here twice a week, though.

It is with sad news that our original milliner, Jill Pfeiffer ( was lost to us last week. We warmly welcome her student, Shurie ( to our crew to carry on her magnificient french-room work.

We invite you to come visit ( the recently remodeled Clockshoppe and would like to publicly thank the customers who volunteered their day getting paint on themselves to
make that happen. The store is even more beautiful than before. Come in for a spot of tea and to browse our wares, many of which are in-store exclusives.

Don’t forget! ( ) now offers free shipping to all of our U.S. customers. Those residing outside the 50 states still enjoy the same $7.95 flat-rate shipping no
matter how heavy your parcel or how many items you buy.

From the captain and crew of the S.S. Clockwork Caravel, I hope you have a splendid week.

from ThinkGeek:

Last holiday ever?

We had to chuckle when a spam email reminded us that the Mayans predicted we’ll be outta here before the holly daze of 2012. If that’s the case, ThinkGeek is prepared! We’re ready to rock your under-tree zone with gifts for fans of Star Wars, Portal, and bonsai kitties.

And zombie fans, don’t fret. The Walking Dead is gone until February, but we have plenty of undead for you here.

Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate Bar
Taste the rich chocolate bounty. Getting these Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate Bars shipped in from a galaxy far, far, away took a long, long time, but they’re finally here! Enjoy this rich chocolate bounty from Tatooine’s Tasty Treats. It’s the ultimate delight for Star Wars fans — or anyone who has ever wanted to eat Han Solo, for that matter.

Take $10 Off – Happy Blue Beanie Day!
We hope you used the Thanksgiving break to upgrade the browsers on the computers of your not-so-tech-savvy relations. If you didn’t, please do it next month and make the web designers and code monkeys of the world super duper happy! In honor of Blue Beanie day and web standards, we offer $5 off $30 or $10 off $50 by using the code BLUEBEANIE, good through 11:59pm ET on 12/02/11.

Find more What’s New items at ThinkGeek!

from J!NX:

Mysterious Bag of Cut & Sew Mystery
Bored? Naked and cold? Eager to impress the ladies? Look no further than the Mysterious Bag of Mystery! For one amazingly low price, get a randomly chosen Cut & Sew shirt and an even randomer piece of Cut & Sew outerwear of your selected size. This ends up being 60% to 75% off our regular prices. What can I get in the Mysterious Bag of Cut & Sew Mystery? You’ll get an awesome top among the following:

Arcade Souls Polo
Blocks Polo
Dungeonrunner Buttondown
Legionnaire Buttondown
Tech Woven Buttondown

… and a piece of outerwear:

Juggernaut Elite Zip-Up Hoodie
The Schwartz Hoodie
War Machine Jacket
Aviator Jacket
Binary Track Jacket

Would you like some pants with that?
Since you’re getting some fancy new gear to cover up your torso area, why not nab something to armor up your legs? For a limited time, you can get a pair of Cargo Shorts for only $10, and/or Stonecutter Trousers for $15.

New Clothing for Mini-Gamers and Geeks
Just in time for the holiday season, we’ve come up with some new items for the young gamers and geeks in your life. After all, they love the games as much as you do, so why should you get all the swaggy love? If you don’t raise up the little guys in the ways of gaming and geekdom early, they may end up into sports, or something else you can’t relate to.

Live Epic, Look Epic
Have you checked out our latest commercial? We’d appreciate it if you could, and let us know what you think of it. We spent a ton of the budget on flying in a wizard and some zombies. Despite the portrayal in the vid, no actual zombies were harmed in the filming of this commercial. I mean, it’s not considered harm if their nerve endings are no longer functioning, right?

from ThinkGeek:

Greetings, walking dead!

How’s your sugar coma coming along? We hope you’ve recovered from Halloween candy and cosplay because it’s time to churn through 50,000 words.

Yes, it’s time to salute the NaNoWriMo writing geeks burning both ends of the candle in November! You can always tell who’s a Wrimoer at ThinkGeek HQ by how they trail off mid-sentence like they’re about to pass out from exhaustion — but they run off to their computers to bang out another inspired, caffeine-induced chapter. Happy wordsmithing!

Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons
An undead delight for survivors only! Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons arrive in a stylish candy box, suitable for gifting to your favorite guy or ghoul. Each box contains six bon bons in rich dark chocolate. Bite into one and taste the sweet cherry cordial-style brains, but be careful! Eating brains is addicting and you may find yourself at the business end of a shotgun. Munch responsibly.

$1,000 ThinkGeek Shopping Spree – Have a backup plan
That most magical time of year is upon us again! You’ve made a list, doubled its value twice, and you’re pretty sure you’ve been more naughty than nice. Can you really trust friends and family to come through on that lightsaber or laser keyboard you’ve got on your wishlist? Or you could be a dear and share the spoils. Either way, increase your odds of holiday awesomefication by entering our $1,000 Shopping Spree!

Take $10 Off – Step away from the candy
Early November is all about eating Halloween candy. Your kid’s candy, leftover candy, 50% off candy. Om nom nom! Either way, your “nutrition” for the next week is all set, right? Perhaps you should busy your fingers with a new toy or gadget from ThinkGeek instead. Use the code C6H12O6 for $5 off $25+ orders or $10 off $50+ orders, good through 11:59pm ET 11/4/11. And no, the subscript isn’t necessary to get the savings.

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from J!NX:

Get $10 off when you spend $35 or more
Use Promotion Code: ARKHAM
This offer expires Monday, October 31, 2011 at 11:59PM PDT, so don’t wait!
*can’t be combined with any other offers, sale prices, or discounts

Fresh Products:
The Good The Bad The Undead Men’s Tee
Steampunk Zombie Women’s Tee
Z Day Men’s Tee
Zombie Love Women’s Tee
In His House Men’s Tee
Buffy Staked Edward Women’s Tee

from RiffTrax:

New online shows from RiffTrax!

Halloween Double-Double Feature!
Thursday, October 27th @ 10am / 2pm / 6pm Pacific!

To celebrate the spookiest of holidays, we’ll be running an all-day event! We’ll stream our riffs of Magical Disappearing Money, Maniac, The Creeps Machine, and Night of the Living Dead! Plus, we’ll be giving away free stuff to celebrate our first online Halloween event!

$2.00 | Buy tickets: 10:00am PT | 2pm PT | 6pm PT

LIVE Vodka Smackdown!
Tuesday, November 8th @ 2pm Pacific

It’s a no-holds-barred, palate vs. palate battle as Kevin, Bill and Mike compete live to see who is reigning king of the tasters!

Watch our super-official® scientifically-approved© double-blind taste test. Think your super-premium, Polish column-distilled chestnut vodka is clearly superior to $5-a-liter Neutral Spirits brand from the drugstore? Think anyone can tell the difference when no one in the room knows which brand is which and the answers are sealed in an envelope? Bet on your favorite and win prizes at our first ever Live Vodka Smackdown! Followed by a LIVE RIFF of a brand new short… if the guys are still standing!

$0.99 | Buy a ticket!

Come join us as we celebrate the re-launch of RiffTrax Live online events!

from ThinkGeek:

Party plans are in full swing!

Costumes are chosen, candy is stashed out of sight so we don’t eat it before trick-or-treaters arrive, and we’re just about done decorating the outside of our houses with zombies and more zombies. Now it’s time to plan our party food! We’re thinking Cthulhu cocktail wieners, NOMskull cupcakes, brainless Ninjabread Men (post zombie attack, of course), homemade pink chocolate brains, and Jimmy in a Wonder Woman apron. Don’t ask.

We’re prepared to ingest a ton of sugar, in short, but that’s not so unusual. Happy Halloweening!

Star Trek Light-Up Feeding System
Boldly go where no pureed peas have gone before! Airplanes are out, starships are in. Introducing the Star Trek Light-Up Feeding System, with starship spoon and motion sensitive light-up bib. The spoon is a replica of The Original Series USS Enterprise NCC-1701, captained by James T. Kirk himself. Flashing LEDs on the nacelles keep baby aligned for mess-free docking at
the face station. Dinnertime won’t be this fun again until we get replicators!

Take $10.23 Off – Happy Mole Day!
Mole Day celebrating Avogadro’s Number (6.02 x 10^23) is coming up this Sunday 10/23 at 6:02pm — or 6:02am, if you’re willing to wake up early for science. So we thought we’d hook you up with a discount, but $6.02 off orders seemed like too little while $6.02 x 10^23 would be a little too much. So use code MOLARMOLE for $5 off orders of $25 or more or $10.23 off orders of $50 or more, good through 11:59pm ET 10/21/11.

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from J!NX:

Perhaps the CREEPiest costume ever
Yes, the ever-loved celebration of Halloween is a scant few weeks away. Avoid the usual hassle of trying to come up with your own costume, and just take the easy way out – get one from us! You know you’re going to end up making the biggest splash at the party when you show up with this new Creeper head. Just don’t be surprised if you find it tough to mingle. People tend to try and keep you away from their nice everything when you have this on.

Steampunk + Zombie
Pardon me, good sirs and madams. I hope you take no umbrage at my person should I require sustenance. I thoroughly apologize, yet still find myself lacking in resisting this burning desire to partake of your, shall we say, grey matter. ‘Tis through the courage and resource of my clockwork raven, Alistair, that I am regularly able to find alternate sources of fuel for my locomotion, yet on increasing frequency am I finding myself consuming human remains. Perchance further experimentation with my metalcrafting will provide me long sought-after satisfaction.

Steampunk Zombie Men’s Tee
Steampunk Zombie Women’s Tee

from J!NX:

Win a BlizzCon VIP Experience
Since 2007, J!NX has been a mainstay at the annual gaming phenomenon that is BlizzCon. In addition to featuring the biggest announcements about your favorite games, you can find fellow fans, great costumes, game designers, and even some guys called the Foo Fighters. We wish we could bring all of you with us, but our Time And Relative Dimension In Space device has been acting up. For now, we’ll settle for teaming up with our friends at Steelseries to bring 2 lucky winners along for the quest. Enter to win, and you get a chance at the following:

  • 2 BlizzCon Tix
  • Airfare
  • Accomodations
  • $200 in Spending Money
  • $200 to Morton’s Steakhouse
  • Front of the line access to contest sponsor booths

Plus additional prizes from J!NX, SteelSeries, BradyGames, and Cryptozoic Entertainment.

Free Shipping for Orders $45+
Use Promotion Code: RUBBERMATCH
This offer expires Monday, October 10, 2011 at 11:59PM PDT, so don’t wait!
*can’t be combined with any other offers, sale prices, or discounts

from ThinkGeek:

Have you seen the mail carrier?

Our winged robot monkeys have dropped off bundles of ThinkGeek catalogs at your local post office, so your mailbox should be 1337% more awesome very soon. What a perfect way to practice reading skills with back-to-school-aged geeklings!

Once reading time is over, you can nuke some BaconPop and watch The Man Trap, the very first Star Trek episode, which originally aired on September 8, 1966. We don’t recommend watching it with someone named “Nancy.”

Kelvin.23 All In One Tool
The urban super-tool. When we moved out of our parents’ houses and into our own places back in the day, very few of us were given the tools necessary to do things around our new abodes. Don’t let this happen to the newbie first-place-r in your life. Get ’em a Kelvin.23 All In One Tool. The Kelvin is a unique, super functional hand tool designed for the everyday jobs you encounter living on your own. With the Kelvin, you can hang pictures, tighten up a loose ceiling fan, and measure small spaces before buying furniture too large for them. No more running around the house trying to remember where you last used the Phillips head. Everything you need is in the Kelvin, just waiting to help out with your next project.

Take $10 Off — Keep the Dreamcast alive
On September 9, 1999, Sega released an amazing game system called the Dreamcast in the US. We hold it in our hearts to this day — especially our Graphic Designerd Christian, who has “Seaman” running 24/7 in his office. Use code DREAMCAST to keep the dream alive and save $5 off orders of $30+ or $10 off $60+ until 11:59pm ET on 9/9/11.

Find more What’s New items at ThinkGeek!

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