We’ve Gone Hollywood with Felicia Day and Filming at the Shoppe

From Clockwork Couture:

We have started to shoot our Spring Offerings and couldn’t be more excited that Felicia Day ( http://feliciaday.com/ ) modeled for us.The actress has an astounding resume that has included Buffy, Eureka, Dr. Horrible, The Guild ( http://www.watchtheguild.com ) and now her new highly anticipated project, Geek and Sundry (http://geekandsundry.com/ ), is just as lovely in steampunk as she is
in armor.

As if that wasn’t enough star- filled fun for our little Clockshoppe,The League of S.T.E.A.M. ( http://leagueofsteam.com/ ) used our store for the villian’s lair in their newest episode, “Prehistoric Peril.” Tune in to see why Djinn, the shoppe cat was all too excited to assist
with filming.

Our crew has also changed a bit and we have recently welcomed a new full-time milliner and customer service gal to our store while our customer service superstar, Sarah, explores other career paths. She’ll
still be here twice a week, though.

It is with sad news that our original milliner, Jill Pfeiffer (http://www.clockworkcouture.com/accessories-1/hats/the-hats-of-jill-pfieffer.html) was lost to us last week. We warmly welcome her student, Shurie (http://www.clockworkcouture.com/accessories-1/hats/lady-bird-s-hatberdashery.html) to our crew to carry on her magnificient french-room work.

We invite you to come visit ( http://www.clockworkcouture.com/visitus) the recently remodeled Clockshoppe and would like to publicly thank the customers who volunteered their day getting paint on themselves to
make that happen. The store is even more beautiful than before. Come in for a spot of tea and to browse our wares, many of which are in-store exclusives.

Don’t forget! ClockworkCouture.com ( http://www.clockworkcouture.com ) now offers free shipping to all of our U.S. customers. Those residing outside the 50 states still enjoy the same $7.95 flat-rate shipping no
matter how heavy your parcel or how many items you buy.

From the captain and crew of the S.S. Clockwork Caravel, I hope you have a splendid week.

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