J!NX: Looking for a Costume?

from J!NX:

Perhaps the CREEPiest costume ever
Yes, the ever-loved celebration of Halloween is a scant few weeks away. Avoid the usual hassle of trying to come up with your own costume, and just take the easy way out – get one from us! You know you’re going to end up making the biggest splash at the party when you show up with this new Creeper head. Just don’t be surprised if you find it tough to mingle. People tend to try and keep you away from their nice everything when you have this on.

Steampunk + Zombie
Pardon me, good sirs and madams. I hope you take no umbrage at my person should I require sustenance. I thoroughly apologize, yet still find myself lacking in resisting this burning desire to partake of your, shall we say, grey matter. ‘Tis through the courage and resource of my clockwork raven, Alistair, that I am regularly able to find alternate sources of fuel for my locomotion, yet on increasing frequency am I finding myself consuming human remains. Perchance further experimentation with my metalcrafting will provide me long sought-after satisfaction.

Steampunk Zombie Men’s Tee
Steampunk Zombie Women’s Tee

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