The Nerdist Channel: Finally, a Network That Gets You

From The Nerdist:

It’s just like FUBU, but for nerds…so FUNBUN. Yeah, FUNBUN.

No one likes doing shameless plugs; that’s how infomercials and US Weeklyare born. Fortunately for us, there’s no shame in telling you that we are a proud part of Nerdist Industries, a fine flock of folks who have you covered on everything from funny to film to fashion and beyond. Without them our newsletter wouldn’t be possible, so we’d like to help repay the favor by urging you to check out the brand spankin’ new Nerdist Channel on YouTube, especially since a zombified Chris Hardwick is here to introduce it to you.

You may be wondering, “what can the Nerdist Channel offer me, a discerning aficionado of anime, manga and Asian pop culture?” Well, the Nerdist Channel has the antidote for your anime ails, the nerdy nostrum for your manga maladies and the pop cultural Japan-icillin for, well, you get the picture. Consider it the first step in otak-u-pational therapy. One of our partners, Yoshimoto Kogyo (the producers behind Epic Meal Time Japan) will be bringing their aptly-titled Weird S#!t from Japan to the channel, a pop cultural smorgasbord of the weirdest, wildest things that Japan has to offer.

There’s plenty of other premium content on the horizon too, all of which should make The Nerdist Channel your one-stop shop for videographic nerdly delights. From a Neil Patrick Harris project with puppets and the Awkward Family Show to a mysterious Rob Zombie project and the lightsaber-filled relay race Course of the Force, these are just hors d’oeuvres in the quest to sate your nerdy appetite. They’ve got our official seal of approval so, go ahead, subscribe to The Nerdist Channel – you know you want to.


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