Mighty “Bite Me” – Machinima’s Zombie Comedy Series Returns

From The Nerdist:

If zombies attacked your home and city, would you be shocked? Would you flail around with trial and error methods before finally figuring out that you have to hit them in the head and avoid their bite? Or would you know exactly what to do, thanks to years of watching George Romero movies and playing Capcom games? Characters in vampire movies generally know what a vampire is and how to fight it, but most zombie fiction features stunningly ignorant protagonists (that member of your party with a bandaged bite wound? Shoot her now, dumbass!).

Not so with Bite Me, the horror-comedy web series from Machinima, the second season of which starts today. Slacker waiter Jeff (Yousef Abu-Taleb), put-upon insurance clerk Mike (Ryan Welsh) and mouthy sign-twirler Greg (Justin Giddings) have arguably been preparing for this apocalyptic event their whole lives, constantly playing Left 4 Dead andResident Evil while debating inconsistencies in the cinematic zombie-verse. You may know there’s controversy about whether 28 Days Later actually depicts zombies or not, but were you aware that there’s also a heated Evil Dead debate, i.e. does it count as zombies if demon possession is involved?

We had a chance to visit the set of season 2, and find out where each cast member stands on the best ways to fight the dead. Though our lips are sealed when it comes to specific details, we can tell you that the second season is a lot broader in scope, with many more characters, locations and plot points. If you haven’t already, check out the first season online right now, then head on over to our exclusive set visit report to prepare for a second round.

Bite Me Season 2 begins today on Machinima’s YouTube channel.


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