ThinkGeek Bites Into Zombie Bon Bons

from ThinkGeek:

Greetings, walking dead!

How’s your sugar coma coming along? We hope you’ve recovered from Halloween candy and cosplay because it’s time to churn through 50,000 words.

Yes, it’s time to salute the NaNoWriMo writing geeks burning both ends of the candle in November! You can always tell who’s a Wrimoer at ThinkGeek HQ by how they trail off mid-sentence like they’re about to pass out from exhaustion — but they run off to their computers to bang out another inspired, caffeine-induced chapter. Happy wordsmithing!

Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons
An undead delight for survivors only! Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons arrive in a stylish candy box, suitable for gifting to your favorite guy or ghoul. Each box contains six bon bons in rich dark chocolate. Bite into one and taste the sweet cherry cordial-style brains, but be careful! Eating brains is addicting and you may find yourself at the business end of a shotgun. Munch responsibly.

$1,000 ThinkGeek Shopping Spree – Have a backup plan
That most magical time of year is upon us again! You’ve made a list, doubled its value twice, and you’re pretty sure you’ve been more naughty than nice. Can you really trust friends and family to come through on that lightsaber or laser keyboard you’ve got on your wishlist? Or you could be a dear and share the spoils. Either way, increase your odds of holiday awesomefication by entering our $1,000 Shopping Spree!

Take $10 Off – Step away from the candy
Early November is all about eating Halloween candy. Your kid’s candy, leftover candy, 50% off candy. Om nom nom! Either way, your “nutrition” for the next week is all set, right? Perhaps you should busy your fingers with a new toy or gadget from ThinkGeek instead. Use the code C6H12O6 for $5 off $25+ orders or $10 off $50+ orders, good through 11:59pm ET 11/4/11. And no, the subscript isn’t necessary to get the savings.

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