J!NX: Something for the Kids & Up to 75% Off

from J!NX:

Mysterious Bag of Cut & Sew Mystery
Bored? Naked and cold? Eager to impress the ladies? Look no further than the Mysterious Bag of Mystery! For one amazingly low price, get a randomly chosen Cut & Sew shirt and an even randomer piece of Cut & Sew outerwear of your selected size. This ends up being 60% to 75% off our regular prices. What can I get in the Mysterious Bag of Cut & Sew Mystery? You’ll get an awesome top among the following:

Arcade Souls Polo
Blocks Polo
Dungeonrunner Buttondown
Legionnaire Buttondown
Tech Woven Buttondown

… and a piece of outerwear:

Juggernaut Elite Zip-Up Hoodie
The Schwartz Hoodie
War Machine Jacket
Aviator Jacket
Binary Track Jacket

Would you like some pants with that?
Since you’re getting some fancy new gear to cover up your torso area, why not nab something to armor up your legs? For a limited time, you can get a pair of Cargo Shorts for only $10, and/or Stonecutter Trousers for $15.

New Clothing for Mini-Gamers and Geeks
Just in time for the holiday season, we’ve come up with some new items for the young gamers and geeks in your life. After all, they love the games as much as you do, so why should you get all the swaggy love? If you don’t raise up the little guys in the ways of gaming and geekdom early, they may end up into sports, or something else you can’t relate to.

Live Epic, Look Epic
Have you checked out our latest commercial? We’d appreciate it if you could, and let us know what you think of it. We spent a ton of the budget on flying in a wizard and some zombies. Despite the portrayal in the vid, no actual zombies were harmed in the filming of this commercial. I mean, it’s not considered harm if their nerve endings are no longer functioning, right?

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