‘The Guild’ Season 4, Episode 2: “Strange Allies”

from The Guild:

Season 4 continues as the cast and crew of The Guild invite you to join us at Comic-Con! Don’t miss our Saturday panel! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for up to the minute news.

Episode 2: “Strange Allies” is up on MSN and Bing video. Codex gets some computer help while the Guild struggles with how to build a Guild Hall.

Bing video has set up shortcut for The Guild episodes at http://guild.msn.com. It’s also downloadable on Zune Marketplace and Xbox Live (links here may only work for the US). The show is released to 19 additional countries in 1080p instant streaming via Zune Marketplace. Users in some countries may need to download an update to enable Zune Marketplace. Look for The Guild under Video Marketplace:Zune Marketplace:Independent videos:Web videos.


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