Vork One-Shot Comic & Vote for “The Guild”

from The Guild:

Today sees the release of the one-shot comic Vork from Dark Horse Comics, the continuation of the comic book series set in the time period before the events of Season One of The Guild. From Dark Horse:

As leader of the Knights of Good, Vork rules with an iron spreadsheet. Having devoted his life to gaming and the pursuit of Goodness, he’s earned the nickname “Goody–Two–Greaves” within the game world, but there’s more to Vork than his guild knows. Written by Felicia Day and Vork himself — actor Jeff Lewis — this hilarious one-shot delves into the man behind the rule book!

As previously announced by Dark Horse, The Guild comics will continue with a one-shot for each of the remaining Guild characters. The Vork comic can be found in your local comic shop, find a shop at ComicShopLocator.com or by calling 1-888-ComicBook, and is available online from Things from Another World and other online retailers. Coming a day after the release of Season 4 to DVD and iTunes (see yesterday’s blog entry) and recent release of The Guild trade paperback/graphic novel, it’s a very Guildie Holiday for us as for the first time, we have some great brand new merchandise out for the holidays.

In other, holiday/end-of-year news, we’d love it if you voted for The Guild for Clicker’s Best of 2010, the show is in the category Best Web Comedy (Serial). There’s no registration required, and please take a look at the many other web series listed there — we’re betting you’ll discover some new ones that would love for you to check them out.

The Guild graphic novel has been nominated by fans for a Goodreads Choice Award in the graphic novel category, and we’d love your votes for the book there (NOTE: you need to sign in to Goodreads to vote, but creating an account doesn’t take too long). If you don’t know Goodreads, it’s a social networking site built around books and reading. You can vote for The Guild here, and be sure to friend and follow Felicia, who’s a very active Goodreads member.


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