The Future is Back! – Doc and Marty return… in a game!

from GeekChicDaily:

Who could forget the first Back to the Future videogame? You remember, it came out in 1989 for the NES. It was the one where Marty walked down a street while dodging swarms of bees and hula-hooping girls who shot darts. The one where he rolled bowling balls at his enemies. You know, the one that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MOVIE?!!?

It’s high time someone pulled a McFly and fixed the mistakes of our videogame past.

Enter Back to the Future: The Game, a new adventure prepared to make up for the earlier incarnation’s biffs. Now available for Mac and PC (and at some point in 2011 for PS3 and iPad), the new game picks up six months after the conclusion of the third BTTF movie. Set to unroll in multiple episodes over the coming months, the game finds Marty rescuing Doc Brown in the past… with the help of Doc’s teenage self. And don’t worry, this time the storyline was created in consultation with BTTF’s co-creator Bob Gale. Plus the producers found an amazing Michael J. Fox soundalike to voice Marty and, most awesomely, Christopher Lloyd returns as Doc Brown. Great Scott!

The impressive trailer gives a feel for the game’s looks and only leaves one concern left to address. Like the original game, does this one include a jump button even though there’s nothing you can actually jump? Get the game and find out, slackers!


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