MTV’s New Supernatural Drama “Teen Wolf” Premiers June 5

When you first hear the title of the new MTV supernatural drama Teen Wolf premiering on June 5th, Michael J. Fox and Jason Bateman fans probably will fondly recall the comedic film and its sequel about a teenage guy just trying to fit in and have a normal life when he finds out about the family secret… they are werewolves. Not the kind of wolves where you turn into one by getting bit but the kind that are born.

While MTV is using the same title, it’s certainly not borrowing the plot… other than maybe some awkward teenage “out of control” moments that appear in every teen drama or comedy. Teen Wolf promises to be more dark, gritty and sensual, along the lines of Vampire Diaries or Lost Girl, both supernatural dramas that can be taken seriously, unlike the more pop-culture glam versions of classic monsters seen in the Twilight saga of books and films.

“It’s sexy and it’s scary and it pushes the envelope,” says series star Crystal Reed, who plays Allison, a member of a werewolf-hunting family and the love interest of the newly-bitten werewolf Scott. Tyler Posey, who plays Scott, describes his character as “the cool kid that was never accepted into the cool crowd.”

There are some in-depth behind-the-scenes looks at the show on MTV’s website. If the trailer peaked my interest, the BTS videos cemented it. I can’t remember the last time that I watched a series on MTV. With this one, they may just be tapping into the sci-fi and fantasy fan base that keeps hungering for high-quality content as their favorite shows get cancelled from network TV.

Check out the trailer below and decide for yourself.

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