J!NX: New Valve Stuff

from J!NX:

Introducing Team Fortress 2 Shirts…
Finally, you can now get your hands on some tees from the award-winning class-based shooter game. For this first set, we’re bringing you the Pyro and the Medic, two classes that you know are absolutely crucial to victory. Keep checking back for more, as you know they’re on the way.

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…and some new Portal 2 stuff
You didn’t think we’d stop there did you? Of course, you didn’t. We keep the Valve love going introducing some new items celebrating our love for what’s a likely contender for Game of the Year. You know you’d totally spring for those long fall boots in the game. While we don’t claim these awesome socks have the same functionality as the boots, they are a solid replica, and are at least as comfortable as the originals. Along with those we have the first ever pendant necklace and set of earrings ever offered by J!NX.

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