ThinkGeek Launches 32 Items (But Not to the Moon)

from ThinkGeek:

To the moon, Timmy! To the moon!

For a bunch of overgrown monkeys, we’ve come a long way. On this day in 1959, the Soviet Union smacked the side of the moon with the Luna 2 probe, the first man-made object to touch the moon’s surface. 52 years later, we have the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (or GRAIL) heading up to study its interior and gravitational field.

So what’s next? Don’t know about you, but we’re prepping our spacesuits for a Moon Cruise.

Light Up LED Iron Man Shirt
Officially licensed by Marvel. This may look like a standard t-shirt, but it’s actually the Iron Man Mark IX suit. This latest version is much lighter than all previous versions, featuring a flexible interior with knitted cotton exterior. The Iron Man Arc Reactor Shirt has three components: the t-shirt, a light panel with a long cable, and a battery box. When fresh batteries are in the battery box and the unit is switched on, the arc reactor shines brightly. So this particular arc reactor isn’t going to keep shrapnel from working its way into your heart or power your repulsor beams. What do you expect for under $30? A shirt that glows? That, we can provide.

Take $10 off with ZEROCOOL — Hop in the wayback machine!
It’s been nearly 16 years since the movie Hackers was released. That makes some of us feel pretty old. Reminisce about that time in the mid-90s when Macs ran on P6 Intel chips — oh wait, that never actually happened — and use code ZEROCOOL to save $10 off $40+ orders until 11:59pm ET on 9/16/11.

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