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With the recent release of Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray, and Hallowe’en on our doorstep, a sci-fi geek’s thoughts naturally turn to dressing up as a Jedi (or Sith, if one’s inclination is to the dark side of the Force).

Authentic Adult Jedi Robe offers you the Authentic Adult Jedi Robe (a Child Robe is also available), officially licensed from Lucasfilm. This is the Jedi robe you’re looking for! Made in the USA, the Authentic Adult Jedi Robe is a high-end piece that’s durable, well-stitched, and constructed of a thick polyester fabric, made thicker by the entire outfit being fitted with a backing of the same material. As a result of the extra fabric weight, the robe drapes in a very attractive fashion, unlike cheaper, less solid robes that have the consistency of heavy netting, and are practically see-through. The Authentic Adult Jedi Robe is so warm and snuggly, it’s tempting to throw it on around the house in place of a bathrobe or Slanket. You certainly won’t feel the chill while out trick-or-treating, even in Hoth-like conditions, though indoors, in close, stuffy environments like convention halls and house parties, the robe’s thermal efficiency might necessitate stripping down to your Jedi tunic. Since it’s one-size-fits-all — the packaging says that it’s a men’s standard cut that fits up to a 44 jacket size — the hood and sleeves are very roomy, and the robe’s length (67″) is cut to accomodate Jedi of all sizes. Shorter Jedi will definitely need to take the hem up, unless they want a train of fabric trailing behind them. Fortunately, shortening a cloak is fairly simple with basic sewing skills, and, in a pinch, double-sided tape can be used instead of a sewing needle to make alterations. The care label on the Authentic Adult Jedi Robe suggests hand washing and hang-drying the garment, but it can be put through the washing machine on the gentle cycle and tumble dried on a low setting. In fact, it’s actually advisable to run the robe through the wash a couple of times before wearing it in order to remove the layer of fuzz still clinging from the manufacturing process.

Those who are sticklers for 100% complete screen accuracy, and have the funds to support their obsession, may wish to upgrade to the Collectors Jedi Robe, which is made of wool instead of polyester and therefore has the coarser texture that the robes in the films have, or, for the ultimate in movie replicas, there’s the Authentic Luke Skywalker Costume, Authentic Obi Wan Kenobi Costume, and Authentic Anakin Skywalker Costume. Conversely, if both the Authentic Adult Jedi Robe and collector’s robes fall outside your range of affordability, does carry a selection of less expensive, standard Hallowe’en costume fare:

In addition, sells many Star Wars costume accessories, such as the Princess Leia Bun Headpiece.

Princess Leia Bun Headpiece

The Princess Leia Bun Headpiece, made out of synthetic brown hair, quickly and easily adds a realistic touch to your Princess Leia costume. Just part your hair down the middle, pin it back, and pop the hairband on to complete the hair-do. From a distance, the hair looks quite real, and, if you’re a brunette, blends quite well into your own hair. The hair buns are sewn onto a brown, felt-like fabric, which also covers the plastic headband, and strands of the fake hair are attached bun-to-bun across the top of the hairband, as well. The large buns fit comfortably over the ears, doubling as toasty warm earmuffs on a cold Hallowe’en night. Since the buns are a solid mass of hair, they’re rather heavy compared to plush headpieces, so you might want to consider hairpinning them in place if you plan on energetic activities, like dancing, as sudden, sharp movements tend to dislodge the headpiece. Due to this, and the headband being adult-sized, the Princess Leia Bun Headpiece is not intended for use in play by children under 14 years of age.

Hallowe’en sales have already begun at, so save on your next cosplay outfit, pick up a deal on Christmas presents for the Star Wars fans on your list, or just get a head start on next year’s Hallowe’en costume. Of particular note are sales on Authentic Star Wars Costumes: the Supreme Edition Boba Fett is now $300 off, the Luke Skywalker Collectors Ceremonial Jacket with Medal is discounted by more than $100, and the popular Slave Leia bikini (better than lingerie on Valentine’s Day!) is on sale, too. An inside tip from says that these prices are only going to last through the first week of November, so be sure to take advantage of these amazing deals while you still can!

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The Authentic Adult Jedi Robe, Princess Leia Bun Headpiece, and other costume items are distributed by, sister site of, in partnership with Rubie’s Costume Co. (Amazon Shop), under license from Lucasfilm. For more information on Star Wars, please visit the official Star Wars website.

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