The Wondrous Road to WonderCon: Secret Circle

from The Nerdist:

Are you ready to find out how the west was Won-dercon? Puns aside,WonderCon, the massive convention for all things nerd, is happening this weekend in Anaheim, CA and we’ll be letting you know what to get excited for all week long – from the superheroic to the supernatural. Speaking of which, forget vampires and werewolves; we’ll take witches any day of the week. The crafty coven of CW’s Secret Circle are bubbling, bubbling, toiling and troubling up a storm this season and we sat down with the spellbinding Jessica Parker Kennedy to talk about her otherworldly oeuvre:

Nerdist News: You play a witch on the CW’s Secret Circle. Have you ever had any supernatural scares? Don’t worry; your secret is safe with us.

Jessica Parker Kennedy: 
My mom and I lived in a house back in Calgary, AB that we were convinced was haunted. Things were always going missing and turning up in utterly ridiculous places that we thought we never would have put them.

NN: What has your experience with fandom been? Any awkward fan interactions you can tell us about?

Their support and enthusiasm is always on my mind everyday when I go to work.  No crazy stories yet but I keep getting stopped by women in changing rooms when I’m buying clothes which is definitely awkward.

WonderCon kicks off in earnest this Friday and be sure to check out the Secret Circle panel at 4PM to see a never-before-seen episode. Then, stick around afterwards for one of the most wonderful events of the evening: an incredibly awesomeNerdist panel with Chris Hardwick and surprise guests, in which secrets will be revealed! In the meantime, read our full interview with Jessica Parker Kennedy and stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for continued con-derful updates and exciting giveaways.

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