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From Cinematic Titanic:

Hello everyone!

We’ve all had a blast on tour this season, and would like to thank each of you who have come out to see us! Meeting you is always the highlight of these shows, and we hope to visit new areas soon. Please let your local theatres know you’d like to see the show!

Here’s the lowdown on upcoming events:

Apr 21 Princeton, NJ
8:00 pm McCarter Theatre Center

J. Elvis Weinstein will not be joining us in Princeton due to a prior commitment, however we are very happy to welcome special guest riffer Dave ‘Gruber’ Allen in his place! Some of you may remember Dave from “Freaks & Geeks”, “The Naked Trucker”, “Gilmore Girls”, or – if you’ve seen the show before – from our very own opening act! Dave is a super-cool, funny guy, and we’re excited to have him on board.

What’s playing, you ask? It’s audience choice! Will it be “Rattlers”, “Danger on Tiki Island”, “The Astral Factor”, “Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks”, “The Wasp Woman”, or “The Oozing Skull”?? Find out this Saturday! Tickets are available here.

Apr 27 & 28 Milwaukee, WI
The Pabst Theater
Doors open at 6pm

We’re happy to have the opportunity to perform at the Pabst Theater again. Shows are as follows:

Friday, Apr 27 – “Doomsday Machine”
The Chinese are plotting to destroy the Earth! So just before a space mission to Venus is set to launch, the U.S. replaces half of its all-male crew with women. Oh, the humanity!

Saturday, Apr 28 – “The Astral Factor”
A convicted strangler is on the loose and can make himself invisible! Is anyone safe in this 1976 B-movie gem?

We hope to see you there! Get tickets here.

This just added:

July 5 Ann Arbor, MI
Ann Arbor Summer Festival
Michigan Theater

You really, really, REALLY won’t want to miss us in Ann Arbor this year… Why? Because we’re performing TWO great shows, one of which will be a WORLD PREMIERE RIFF!

At 6:00pm, we’re presenting everyone’s favorite slithery snake-fest, “Rattlers”.

Then, at 9:00pm, it’s our maiden riff of 1973’s campy “The Doll Squad”, which features an elite team of female super agents out to foil the bad guys! Some folks believe another elite team of female super agents was based on the team in this movie. Is it true? Decide for yourself! Tickets are available here.

Later This Year…

We are excited to announce our return to the St Louis area!

Nov 17 St Charles, MO
Family Arena

We don’t know yet what’s playing (it will most likely be one of our unreleased titles), but you can get tickets NOW here.

Can’t make it to a show?

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