ALL YOU NEED IS KILL Digital Audio Book Now Available, Tie In Edition Forthcoming!

From VIZ Media

The digital audio book for the hit sci-fi action novel ALL YOU NEED IS
KILL is now available from VIZ Media’s Haikasoru imprint! Narrated by Mike
Martindale, the digital audiobook is available for download from the Simon
& Schuster website!

A live-action movie based on ALL YOU NEED IS KILL, starring Tom Cruise and
Emily Blunt, is now in production (releasing spring 2014), and Haikasoru
will be publishing the movie tie-in edition of the novel as well in 2013!

In the ALL YOU NEED IS KILL novel, there’s one thing worst than dying…
it’s coming back to do it again and again! When the alien Mimics invade,
Keiji is just one of many recruits shoved into a battle suit and sent out
to fight. Keiji dies on the battlefield, only to be reborn each morning to
fight and die again and again On his 158th iteration, he gets a message
from a mysterious ally – a female soldier known as the Full Metal Bitch. Is
she the key to Keiji’s escape or his final death?

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