VIZ Media to Debut BEN 10 OMNIVERSE Original Graphic Novels This Fall!

from VIZ

The VIZ Kids imprint is growing by leaps & bounds – this fall, the imprint
will launch all original graphic novels inspired by the hit animated action
series BEN 10 OMNIVERSE! This series opens an exciting new chapter based on
the latest installment of the popular BEN 10 franchise (airing on Cartoon
Network – “Ben 10 Bootcamp” marathon this weekend)!

In BEN 10 OMNIVERSE, superhero Ben Tennyson is looking forward to working
solo with his brand new Omnitrix, a watch-like device that allows him to
change into different kinds of aliens. But Grandpa Max has other ideas,
assigning Ben a skilled but lacking in field experience partner, Rook…
Ben’s defeated all kinds of evil, but he may have finally met his match!

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