AT LAST! Diana Gabaldon’s Genre-bending Series OUTLANDER Being Adapted by STARZ

The popular novel Outlander – TV Series is coming to a TV near you!

Today, STARZ and Sony Pictures Television announced plans for a new original series adapted from Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling books. Outlander is a grandiose tale of action, adventure, time travel, and romance. SHARE to spread this exciting news!

I can’t tell you how awesome this news is for fans of Diana Gabaldon’s series of books. A blend of history, time travel, magic, mythology and romance, OUTLANDER follows the adventures of nurse Claire Randall who finds herself bound to young Jamie Fraser after somehow traveling from 1946 to 1743. While I don’t care for romance novels in general, the main theme of the first two books is the Second Jacobite Uprising in Scotland that culminated in the battle of Culloden in 1745. A friend of mine who knew my family were Jacobites gave me the first book as a gift and I’ve been a fan ever since.

How could a card carrying geek like me like a ‘romance’ series? Well, how could I NOT love a series that was inspired by the Doctor Who episode “The Highlanders” in with The Doctor meets Jamie (played by actor Frazer Hinds), who went on to appear in more episodes than any other companion. Hopefully that will be enough geek cred to get skeptics to tune in along with the millions of fans who can’t wait for the premier.


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