Hatter M: Love of Wonder and Looking Glass Wars: Millinery Academy come to Kickstarter


New York Times best-selling author Frank Beddor (Looking Glass Wars trilogy) recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the publishing of his Hatter M graphic novel series and his latest prose series for fans of the LGW mythos.

Hatter M, Volume 5: Love of Wonder will be the FINAL graphic novel in the award-winning Hatter M Series and available to Kickstarter backers FIRST.

The campaign has been 20% funded in less then 24 hours from launch! Visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/149372651/the-looking-glass-wars-hatter-m to participate.

In addition, fans asked for another prose series from Frank and the result is Volume 1 of Looking Glass Wars: Millinery Academy.

Discover a young Hatter Madigan as a cadet attending the fabled Millinery Academy where he is trained to protect Wonderland’s Queens.

Beddor commented “It’s a great time to be creative, and I am so lucky to have such a remarkable platform to bring new work to life.”


Swordplay! Newfound friendships! School bullies! Budding love! Self-serving rivals! Scheming adults and soulless rebel plotters! Welcome to the world of Cadet Hatter Madigan, who has just entered Wonderland’s Millinery academy as one of the freshmen ‘Brims’. Those born to be Royal Bodyguards are trained at one of the four academies(Heart, Clubs Diamond, Spade) linked to the royal houses. Cadets will study the mystic and martial arts, as well as the sometimes more difficult art of successfully dealing with others. Once Hatter begins his training he is thrown into a competitive world of both boys and girls vying to be the best. Arsenal cubes, blade chasers and Hat blocking 101 are all rites of passage the young milliners first take on together but must eventually perfect, separately.


In the 5th and final volume, looking glasses shatter as our worlds collide and characters from Wonderland increasingly cross over to aid or block Hatter in his single-minded quest to find Alyss and bring her home. Redd’s Black Imagination has ruled Wonderland for 13 years without fear of reprisal and now the specter of Alyss’ return to claim the throne has unleashed a storm of paranoiac rage. Hatter Madigan is at the center of this crusade as he must simultaneously battle the enemies of wonder as well as his own beliefs and loyalties. All paths through time and space, through blood and steel, from his world to our world, have led Hatter Madigan to this moment — a life or death confrontation with the only warrior in the Looking Glass Wars universe capable of defeating him and destroying the love of wonder.





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