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Hey Weta fans,
The last few weeks have been the busiest and most exciting in a long time. Comic-Con is upon us, our warehouses are brimming with products and we are processing pre-orders around the clock. Please be patient with us. We’re only a small company. Enjoy!

Return to Middle-earth celebratory offer! 1 Week! FREE SURPRISE PRESENTS with all orders from our The Lord of the Rings brand! Offers end Friday 31 July 2009.

In the News:
There and Back Again — Weta returns to Middle-earth
Listen to the latest Podcast — Episode XI

More News:
Weta at Comic-Con — in a nutshell
Rayguns in the HotHouse
Winners get the Halo treatment

See the Trailers:
District 9 — opens 14 August
Under the Mountain — opens 10 December
Daybreakers — opens January 2010

New Products:
The Lord of the Rings
Andúril — The Master Swordsmith’s Collection
Miniature Shields (coming soon – see picture)
Gollum Life Size Bronze Statue (coming soon – see picture)
Gandalf’s Cloak (coming soon – see picture)

Master Chief’s Mark VI Spartan Helmet
E.V.A. Helmet
C.Q.B. Helmet

The Art of John Howe — Sculptures from Middle-earth
Smaug the Golden

Hot Tip — wondering about your pre-order?
We have had an unprecedented amount of new products come in stock at the same time. And we’re only a small company without the resources of the huge corporates. Please rest assured that we are working around the clock to get your order to you, but please allow about a week for us to dispatch all orders. We’re trying to dispatch the orders fairly from both our old and our new website. Thank you! We appreciate your patience.

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