Ten year giveaways at ThinkGeek

from ThinkGeek:

Muggles, Squibs and Assorted Others,

Welcome to the latest version of the ThinkGeek digital communique! We are as tickled as red shirts on a non-hostile lagooned beach to be sitting around the corner from our ten year anniversary. In fact, we are so tickled we decided to [REDACTED BY CORPORATE COUNSEL] our [REDACTED], and so now we can [REDACTED]! Sweet, huh? But enough about us. Read on to see some new wares and for the opportunity to win some pretty unique ThinkGeek prizes…

Red Shirt Star Trek Cologne
Because Tomorrow May Never Come.

When you serve on the Enterprise, sometimes duty takes you down to the planet. But if you are wearing red, you don’t have a name, you don’t have a character, and you don’t have a contract for more episodes, so why not go out smelling your best? Red Shirt Cologne is made just for you. A little spritz and the final memory everyone will have of you will be your wonderful scent. And really, the last thing you’d want someone to say at your funeral is, “I don’t know his name, but boy did he smell bad.”

ThinkGeek is Turning 10 Years Old — Wants to Gift YOU Stuff!

ThinkGeek officially launched in 1999 on a most auspicious Friday the 13th. That makes us 10 years old in just a little more than 2 weeks from now. Ah the memories — all that caffeine, all the new faces here at the TG headquarters and all the happy joy times spent finding fun products and gizmos for fine folks like you over the years. And speaking of you, there could never be a ThinkGeek 10 year anniversary without you — so we decided we would run a little contest on your behalf. We are giving away lots of prizes including a $1200 shopping spree, cookies baked by ThinkGeek staff, a TaunTaun sleeping bag prototype, even a box of random doodads we recently found in a closet! Get all the details here.

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