ElfQuest: Ask Rawson Thurber

from ElfQuest:

Just got word that the first draft of the Elfquest screenplay is perhaps two-thirds, three-quarters of the way finished and we’re aiming to have a look at it by the end of the month. And because he’s feeling that the beast is finally coming under control (and because he’s that kind of sweetheart) director/screenwriter Rawson Thurber has made an offer exclusively to the readers of the Scroll of Colors. Here’s how he put it in a recent email to Wendy:

“What do you think about doing some kind of 10-question thing with the EQ community? You & Richard invite the community to submit their questions about the film adaptation and you guys select which ten you’d like me to answer. I type up my response. You guys dole out the answers one a week (or however you see fit).”

We think it’s a stellar idea, so here we go! I’ve created a new topic in the Scroll of Colors here.

There are some ground rules, which I as nastybad admin-thing will enforce.

1) This topic will be locked (just as “Ask Elfmom” was). Every so often (Rawson suggests every week; we’ll fine-tune that as we go) I will post a question that one of you has asked, along with his response. You’re free to discuss answers in other threads over in “Thunder and Skyfire” but we’ll keep this topic neat and organized.

2) Only questions submitted via private message within the EQ forum will be considered. This is easy to do; just click on the PM button at the bottom of any of my posts and off you go.

3) You may ask as often as you want but we will almost certainly only choose one question per person. Rawson may decide he wants to take on more than ten. On the other hand, he may also discover he can only answer a few, depending on his workload. We want to give a chance to as many different voices as possible.

4) You may ask anything you want but we will choose which questions to forward to Rawson. Hint: the more general, the better. “How do you make your choices what to keep and what to cut?” is more interesting than “Are you going to keep the scene in Book 3 where Lord Voll sneezes?”

It may take a few days for questions to come in and for Rawson to craft his replies, so keep checking back! Ayoooah!

Shade and sweet town meeting fun,
Richard Pini


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