Prizes for going to RiffTrax Live

from RiffTrax:

Want to win an iPod Touch full of RiffTrax stuff? Of course you do!

Go to and sign up for an account (it’s free!) or login if you already have an account. Then, post the following:

RT @rifftrax MST3k fans! Go to #RifftraxLive at [YOUR THEATER NAME] on 8/20 RT & Win an iPod! Details:

Remember, you’ll need to change [YOUR THEATER NAME] to that of YOUR actual local theater you’ll be watching the show at!

If you win, you’ll receive an iPod touch jam-packed with RiffTrax stuff and your entire theater will win free RiffTrax! Just hang onto your ticket stub if you or your theater wins. It’s that easy! For more details, visit Mike’s blog post.

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