Split Reason Contest and Sale

from Split Reason:

Sword slicing action! Win a set of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow Action Battlers!

Back to school sale! 20% off! Enter promo code SCHOOLNOOBS at checkout.

The last few months have been a battle of epic proportions as we defended our indoor gaming fortress from the wrath of our arch nemesis. (Earth’s nearest star; commonly referred to as “The Sun”.) There is no doubt it will return next year so we have exactly 10 months to acquire more fans, air conditioners, and cooling stations for the Xbox 360, which is clearly vulnerable to the sun’s primary weapon: Permeating Heat.

Although withered and dehydrated we still managed to step outside (then back inside) to see District 9. Never again will we season, skewer, barbecue, and feast on the likes of shellfish kind. Prawns have rights too! District 9 was very well done and we hope the same is true for the coincidental Section 8, a 360/PC game release we expect to pick-up on Tuesday.

Now that days are starting to chill and contract it’s time to get back to what we do best: staying up all night in front of an LCD screen, playing video games in comfortable room temperature, and making new shirts

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