Catherine Taber Talks Undercover Padmé


The latest episode of The Clone Wars features Padmé Amidala in the thick of enemy intrigue as she undertakes a controversial spy mission on the behalf of the Jedi Council. She is tasked to spy on a former flame who is believed to be conspiring with the Separatists. Actress Catherine Taber, who provides the voice of Padmé Amidala was kind enough to answer a few questions about this episode, “Senate Spy.”

This episode takes a break from the battlefield action to slip Padmé behind enemy lines to spy. Did you enjoy the opportunity to explore a bit of Clone Wars espionage for a change?

This episode is full of action — just a different kind than we are used to seeing. I had a lot of fun recording this episode — the back-and-forth with Matt Lanter (Anakin) was so much fun for starters. And of course the idea of being a spy is so cool, I loved it!

What do you think makes Padmé particularly suited for this mission?

I think she is pretty calm and collected — good attributes for a spy. She doesn’t panic easily and she is very smart. Plus, she is pretty adept at being able to use her, shall we say, “feminine charms” to distract… kind of like her own version of a “Jedi mind trick”!

While Anakin is over-protective of Padmé by nature, it almost seemed to strengthen her resolve to go forward with the mission — one she had initially refused. Do you think Anakin’s over-protectiveness (and underlying jealousy) may have contributed to her decision to spy on an ex-lover?

To me, there is a strong stubborn nature running through both Padmé and her daughter Leia — so, I love when we can explore that character trait. It is not wise to tell either of these women they can’t do something. You are pretty much guaranteeing they will do it. Which is fun for me to play because I think anyone who knows me would say I am the same way. “Never tell me the odds!”

Any chance the Jedi Order might come to her again for future missions on the sly?

She is sure up for it. Not only is she always looking for any way she can personally help the cause of the Republic but I think she is also very eager to get out of the stuffy old Senate building and into the action any chance she gets. I know I am!


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