Halloween Fun asplodes at ThinkGeek

from ThinkGeek:

Dear Candy Hordes:

Earlier this month, we asked you for geeky pumpkin templates. Now that All Hallow’s Eve is upon us, we thought you’d like to see the scores of entries along with all the winners.

We also spent a little time filling up your treat bag with some more Halloween fun.

We hope you’ll excuse our indulgence. We get a little excited about Halloween. Maybe you do too? After all, how often do you get to take off your mask and parade about?

YOUR GENIUS TEMPLATES. Let us show you them.

Our pumpkins openly mocked us with their faceless faces. We didn’t know what to do with them. So we asked the intarwebz for pumpkin template designs and sweetened the deal with a Tauntaun sleeping bag prize.

Then we were buried alive — er, undead — in a pile of awesome.

Timmy’s currently clawing his way out from under your collective genius and he’s promised to hand over the encrypted golden envelope this afternoon.

We’re dance-in-our-pants excited to announce the winners — and show off our handiwork, some of which required power tools — during our 4pm EDT live Justin.tv show today!


At 4pm EDT this afternoon we’re beaming a live Halloween Show o’ Doom straight into your brain via the very conductive Justin.tv. It won’t hurt a bit, but you may be traumatized by:

  • How to make icky curdled brain drinks
  • The fiendish template contest winners
  • Our slaughtered pumpkin specimens
  • G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate (just kidding)
  • Our costume* contest with audience judging & prizes, oh no!

* You might be surprised to learn that we wear costumes — human costumes, ew — 364 days of the year. We’ve fooled senior management and the UPS guy for years, but today we appear as our real selves.

Not sure you’ll remember to fire up your browser of webs at 4pm to watch? Follow @thinkgeek and you’ll get a friendly pre-show elbow in your side.


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