Allison Mack Joins the Cast of Riese!

Allison Mack

Series co-creator Ryan Copple announced today that Allison Mack has joined the cast of Riese the Series.

She is best known for her role as Chloe Sullivan on Smallville where, for the past nine years, she’s played Clark Kent’s best friend. She’s appeared in almost two hundred episodes, including starring in Smallville: Chloe Chronicles, mini-episodes of Smallville produced for the CW website.

Mack began acting at age four and has kept busy on screen and stage ever since. She appeared in films such as Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves and The Ant Bully, and in television series including The Nightmare Room, Opposite Sex, and 7th Heaven. Her musical career has included choreography and directing, as well as performing in shows such as Rent, Chicago, and Hair. Her behind-the-scenes experience doesn’t stop there. She’s directed episodes of Smallville and produced, as well as starred in, the short film Alice & Huck.

While she has typically played the good girl, the best friend and other wholesome characters, her role on Riese promises to be much darker. Copple says that Mack will be playing Marlise, “a low-ranking Sect member. Sadistic and power-hungry, she’ll do anything to ascend to the higher ranks.”

Riese is a sci-fi/fantasy series richly influenced by history, mythology, folklore and steampunk. It follows a young woman and her companion, a wolf named Fenrir, who travel through a collapsing world trying to piece together the fragmented memories of her past while attempting to evade the dangerous religious cult that hunts her. With a high budget compared to other web series, and filmed on the RED camera in high definition, the show is visually beautiful. The wardrobe, music and depth of story all contribute to creating the world of Eleysia.

Riese features sci-fi regulars such as Christine Chatelain (Sanctuary, Supernatural, The Collector), Sharon Taylor (SmallvilleStargate Atlantis, Eureka), Patrick Gilmore (Stargate UniverseBattlestar Galactica), Ben Cotton (Harper’s Island, Stargate Atlantis, Taken), Ryan Robbins (Sanctuary, Caprica, Battlestar GalacticaStargate Atlantis), Peter Kelamis (Stargate UniverseDragon Ball ZThe X-Files), Emilie Ullerup (Sanctuary, jPodBattlestar Galactica), and Allessandro Juliani (Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, Death Note).

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