Squishable support for Child’s Play

from Squishable:

Hey Folks!

News is a great accompaniment to a sandwich! And if you were about to spread some news on YOUR sandwich, well you wouldn’t want any cold, grainy news. No! You’d want some nice buttery Squishy News! And here it is!

Really Big Polar Bear Understudy! These adorable arctic fuzzies are 90% sweet, 10% ruthless fishing machine. If you’ve ever desired a warm snowdrift in ursine form, this is your chance.

T-Rex Charity Auction — To celebrate the launch of the most nifty Squishable T-Rexes at this most sparkly time of the year, we are sponsoring a Charity Auction! Come bid on your own T-Rex Squishable, a printed copy of the original prototype design signed both by character designer Ryan North and Squishable designer Zoe (that’s me), and a small house, lady, and little blue car so you can recreate Ryan’s Dinosaur Comics to your heart’s content. And all proceeds go to Child’s Play charity! It’s for a good cause! Just do it!

Vote for the Next Squishable winners — Mucho thanks to everyone who voted on the four new Squishable designs! My goodness did we get a lot of votes! We were quite overwhelmed… so we’ve decided to make them all! We’ll make them in the order you voted for: Fox, Owl, Platypus, Dragon, over the next year. Thanks everyone!

Shipping deadlines! Late Squishies equal sad people. Don’t make people sad! Order your Squishies on time!

Thanks folks!

Zoe and Aaron


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