The Word on Cinematic Titanic’s “East Meets Watts”

from Cinematic Titanic:

Happy 2010 Everyone!

We had a great time spending our New Year’s Eve with the 1200 folks at the Keswick Theatre in Philadelphia. The folks in Philly can take pride in their attention spans and butt endurance, what a great crowd for our full 3 movie marathon.

We’re also really excited about the response to our latest DVD — Cinematic Titanic LIVE: “East Meets Watts”. The feedback to our first live release has been overwhelmingly positive from fans and critics alike:

John Scott Lewinski at AOL’s TV Squad:

“While Cinematic Titanic‘s earlier DVD releases all pack more than the U.N.-mandated share of laughs, the energy provided by the comics’ interactions with the crowd make this the comic troupe’s most successful DVD release so far.”

Brian Orndorf at DVD Talk:

“The live act amplifies the Cinematic Titanic energy to new heights of bellylaughs, helping to tackle and throttle a bell-bottomed, fist-clenched cinema stinker in the most three-dimensional manner allowed.”

Bryan White at Cinema Suicide:

“What we have here is something akin to MSTie classics like The Amazing Colossal Man and Manos: The Hands of Fate. Previous CT releases have warranted laughs but not one of them has had me wiping tears from my eyes as East Meets Watts did.”

Nick Lyons at DVD Corner:

“Summary: If you have some money leftover from holiday gift buying, I can’t think of a better thing to buy than Cinematic Titanic LIVE: East Meets Watts.”

If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, you can buy the DVD HERE, at our STORE for $14.99 or download it for $9.99 at and easily burn your own DVD.

Hope 2010 is a banner year for all of you.
Thanks for your support!

Cinematic Titanic

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