“The Guild” Season 3 comes to DVD & iTunes

from The Guild:

The Guild is pleased to announce the official release dates of the Season 3 DVD and ALL our episodes to iTunes! And soon you’ll be able to stream seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix! Whew, that’s a lot of stuff! Keep reading for details!

First, on Monday, January 25th, The Guild seasons 1 through 3 will be available for purchase on iTunes for the first time! Because of the short length of our episodes, on iTunes they will sell as bundles of 2-3 episodes (each approximately 10 minutes in length) so it’s a bit confusing at first glance, but all the episodes are there, we promise! (See the end of this post for the complete iTunes episodes listing).

Season 1 will be available in standard definition for $0.99 per iTunes episode bundle or $2.97 for the full season of 10 episodes. The first episode bundle from Season 1 (episodes 1-3) will be available for FREE download.

Seasons 2 and 3 will be available in both standard and high definition, priced at $0.99 per episode bundle (SD) or $1.99 per episode bundle (HD). Full “Season passes” are $5.99 (SD) or $9.99 (HD). Note: The iTunes downloads are episodes only. Downloads are US and Canada only, with a UK release coming soon.

As an exclusive bonus, the iTunes Season 3 Season Pass will include the free bonus extra: “Tips on Making a Web Series” with producer Kim Evey, director Sean Becker and creator Felicia Day. The three answer questions, submitted by fans through Twitter and our website, about how to make a web series. Er, the title explains it all. 🙂

Then, on Tuesday, February 15th, Season 3 arrives on DVD exclusively on Amazon.com with a retail price of $14.95!

Bonus features on the DVD include “Do You Want to Date My Avatar” Music Video, The Making of “Do You Want to Date My Avatar,” the Halloween episode, Guild Applicant Rejects, How to Build Vork’s Sword, Audio Commentary with the Cast, Audio Commentary with the Creator, Director and Producer, Axis of Anarchy Interviews, Gag Reels, PDF of Script, Play All Feature and English Subtitles. The Amazon.com DVD release comes on two DVD-R discs by Amazon’s Create Space, and is NTSC format, region-free.

Later in the spring, Season 3 will be released to YouTube and to retail stores via a DVD from New Video (with identical content and cover art but on a single disc).

Lastly, on February 1 you will be able to watch all of Season 1 or Season 2 on Netflix. All episodes have been edited together with only beginning and ending credits, so you can watch them like continuous movie, like the “Play All” DVD feature.

Whew, that’s all for now. We know you’re impatient for Season 4, we are working as quickly as we can on it, promise! More info to come as soon as we have it.

Thanks so much for your support!
The Guild Management

The Guild on iTunes Episode/Episode Bundles list:

Season 1 Episode Bundles:
Episode 1: Wake up Call — Zaboo’d — The Macro Problem (FREE ON ITUNES)
Episode 2: Cheesybeards — Rather Be Raiding
Episode 3: Total Wipe — Home Invasion — Tipping Point
Episode 4: Owning Bladezz — Boss Fight

Season 2 Episode Bundles:
Episode 1: Link the Loot — Block’d
Episode 2: Quest Accepted! — Heroic Encounter
Episode 3: Sacking Up — Blow Out
Episode 4: Panic Attack — Emergency!
Episode 5: Grouping Up — Socializing Sucks
Episode 6: Collision Course — Fight!

Season 3 Episode Bundles:
Episode 1: Expansion Time — Anarchy!
Episode 2: Player Down — Get it Back!
Episode 3: Application’d — Newbtastic
Episode 4: Coping and Stuff — +10 to Bravery
Episode 5: Wit’s End — The Return!
Episode 6: LAN Off — Hero
Tips on Making a Web Series (FREE WITH SEASON)

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