Meteorite hits Russia

Last night while looking up info on the 2012 DA14, I came across a YouTube video of what was supposedly a meteoric fireball streaking over Russia. I thought about posting it but I couldn’t find any time stamp info on it and there wasn’t anything else on a Russia Fireball online at the time, so I dismissed it. I woke up today and started checking on the Asteroid updates and low and behold there really WAS a meteor in Russian Skies. The YouTube video was legit.

It streaked across the sky in Russia’s Ural Mountains causing damage to buildings and injuring hundreds (some reports say thousands) of people from flying debris caused by a series of sonic booms. So far 3 impact sites have been discovered.

You can get live updates from here:

Other links:

Associated Press (includes video, photos, news and maps)

Huffington Post videos

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