Amy Okuda: The Guild’s Tinkerballa

Amy "Tinkerballa" Okuda

Amy "Tinkerballa" Okuda

Over the past few weeks, fans of The Guild have been eagerly awaiting the release of new hilarious episodes of our favorite web series and, as expected, Codex and the Knights of Good have not let us down. With three episodes and the Christmas special now out, we thought this would be a great time to catch up with the cast and find out what they’ve been up to. As a Christmas gift from ÜberSciFiGeek to all of you, here is the first of several upcoming interviews.

Amy Okuda plays Tinkerballa, a Ranger in the “Knights of Good” guild. As anyone who’s played World of Warcraft or Everquest with me can attest to, I have a soft spot for the Ranger/Hunter toons (slang for in-game characters), so that automatically makes Tink one of my favorite characters. As busy as she is between school and the holiday season, Amy was kind enough to set aside some time to answer a few questions for ÜberSciFiGeek.

ÜberSciFiGeek (ÜSFG) Did you have an active imagination when you were a kid?

Amy Okuda (AO) I think all young kids have very good imaginations. But I was the kid in preschool that escaped from the classroom everyday to talk to flowers… so I guess I could say I had a pretty active imagination… haha.

(ÜSFG) How old were you when you decided you wanted to be an actor?

(AO) I got into acting very recently, probably like junior year of high school. I started dancing in 7th grade, and my dance teacher and friends would tell me to get into acting too since they make more money… so I did, and I ended up really liking it.

(ÜSFG) Lots of artistic people struggle with other things considered normal, like sports, academics, and social interaction, but then thrive when they discover the arts. Did you have a similar experience?

(AO) I think my experience is the furthest from that. Acting and the arts were not a part of my life until about 7th grade. I played basketball for about 9 years, since I was 5 — that was my life. I was basically a tomboy and thought I was going to get into college through basketball, but realized I was Asian and would grow up to be about 5″1 and 95 pounds… haha. But I would say I grew up with a very normal life. I went to school, had a lot of good friends, played sports, you know, the usual. Then I started really getting into dance in high school and started independent studies my junior year, so that’s when my life started getting “not normal” I guess… haha. But my boyfriend was going to school so I still got to go to my senior prom, which was nice. But I was lucky and got to experience a lot of different things in my life — like being a student, an athlete, a dancer, an actor, etc., and I think that’s what makes me different from other actors who have been in the business all their life.

(ÜSFG) You just finished wrapping season 2 of The Guild. What was it like being back together with the cast and crew? How different was it to actually have a budget this time around?

(AO) I absolutely love every single cast member and crew that works on the show. Me and Robin, who plays Clara, especially got close, and I’m so thankful that everyone is so supportive and nice. I couldn’t imagine working on a show with people I hated. Well, now that we are sponsored and have a budget, we got to shoot the whole season in a shorter amount of time, which was nice compared to shooting episodes months apart. But it’s not completely different from shooting season 1; it’s still so much fun and I love it just as much as I did shooting the first season.

(ÜSFG) Other than your Mario Kart addiction, are you anything like Tink?

(AO) Tink is basically me when I was, like, 10-11 years old. That’s when I was really into basketball, and I was such a feisty little kid. I didn’t take crap from anyone; I was so competitive and thought I was the toughest thing. One time, a boy was, like, looking at me and trying to talk to me and I snapped at him and said “What are you looking at?” To me, that’s such a Tink line. When I quit basketball and wasn’t in such a competitive environment all the time, I really mellowed down, and I’m glad I did, because I honestly probably wouldn’t have any friends… haha.

(ÜSFG) I know you did the “LOL” episode of Californication with David Duchovny. How different was that filming experience from The Guild?

(AO) Well, the big difference was that I only had to memorize one sentence. HAHAHA. But it was kind of cool because I only had, like, a tiny part but I had my own little trailer, a wardrobe person, make-up artist, and they even had a stand-in for me, which was kind of weird. But you know, other than that, there’s just a lot more people on set, and I got to see David Duchovny… lol.

(ÜSFG) You’ve been busy at the University of Southern California. Have you had time for anything else, and, if so, what other projects have you been working on?

(AO) My main project for the next 3 years is to graduate! I really wish I could go out and audition and work as an actor more, but right now my main goal is to get a degree, and live life like a normal college girl. My mom always told me college is the best time in your life, and I really want to live it up and treasure my time at USC, especially because there is so much to do there besides go to class, and I don’t want to miss out on anything.

(ÜSFG) Do you get recognized in public now?

(AO) Umm, I got recognized once at El Torito; it was kind of a weird experience, but it doesn’t happen much. I get a lot of friends and family telling me, “Oh, my friend was saying he/she was looking through the Internet and saw you on The Guild!” or random old friends Facebook-messaging me and being like, “WTF, you’re in The Guild?”

(ÜSFG) Are you a Whedonite?

(AO) I’m not exactly sure what being a Whedonite entails, but I definitely enjoyed Dr. Horrible. I think everyone did a great job on that.

(ÜSFG) Is there anything else you can think of that you’d like to share?

(AO) Umm, I don’t think so, just KEEP WATCHING THE GUILD. 🙂 lovelovelove

(ÜSFG) Thank you, Amy!

The Guild is currently airing Season 2, and can be watched on MSN Video, Xbox Live and Zune.

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